Fantastical updated to v1.1 with user requested features


Flexbit’s bestselling Fantastical for iPhone has received its first major update after 3 months of release on the App Store and some of the most requested features by its users have been implemented. Chief among them include the ability to set multiple alerts when creating events, support for Time zones and my personal favorite, going to a specific date by tapping and holding the red title bar at the top. The app is also on sale now, dropping a buck to $3.99 for a limited time. Besides being a great companion to Fantastical for the Mac, the interface on the iPhone makes it a snap to navigate around your schedule and its natural language engine for entering events is simply, well, fantastic. The full log of what’s new after the break.

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Quick Pick: Flexibits’ Fantastical for iPhone

Left: DayTicker view lets you easily view upcoming events/appointments
Right: Adding an event with help of Flexibits’ natural language engine

Flexibits, developers of the excellent Fantastical app for Mac OS (my favorite calendar app by far on the Mac thanks to its beautiful and unobtrusive design), has finally released the long-awaited Fantastical for iPhone. What makes Fantastical special? For starters, its natural language engine rocks, and this feature has made its way on to the iPhone. So you can type (or dictate if your iDevice supports it) events like “Have lunch with Bob at 123 Awesome blvd. next Monday at 1pm” and the app will enter all the appropriate details for you. In addition, Fantastical’s unique DayTicker UI makes it a breeze to view your past/upcoming schedule at a glance.

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