Evernote 5 now available on Mac App Store

After several weeks in beta, Evernote 5 has officially launched and is now available on the Mac App Store. The complete redesign took a year in the making and comes packed with over 100 new features.

We’ve spent the past year identifying the needs of new and advanced users to craft an environment that beautifully caters to both. We re-imagined the look of the app to make everything more accessible. We explored the changing role of sharing and collaboration within Evernote and the opportunities we have to make them more useful. We considered search and the ways that we could make it feel like it was one step ahead of your thoughts. In short, it’s the Evernote we’ve always wanted.

I’ve been using the beta and can’t speak highly enough about this major update. Love the new interface, especially the retooled sidebar where user shortcuts and recent notes can be found (in the top left). Recently, Evernote 5 released for the iPhone and iPad with new features, including handy gesture swipes to reveal notes, tags etc. Check out the list of what’s new and a quick video walkthrough after the break.

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Evernote 5 update now available for iOS

Evernote 5 for iOS is here. First announced in late October that the Mac version would be receiving a complete overhaul, the iPhone and iPad update also brings a redesign with speed and note accessibility in mind (not to mention visual appeal).

Our goal with the redesign was simple: make all major functions accessible within two taps. Achieving this goal was easier said than done. Evernote is a powerful app that’s used for a huge variety of tasks. Our team of graphic and interface designers spent months developing an approach that fit the needs of our users. From quick note takers to hyper organizers, the new Evernote 5 has you covered.

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Evernote iOS update: Smart titles, Improved Editing and more

Evernote, the notetaking tool I heavily rely on for storing all my work/personal notes, ideas and pretty much everything I come across on the web, has been updated for the iPhone and iPad. Version 4.1.8 brings about “smarter” titles, easier sharing (new sharing icon), improved editing on iOS 5 (faster and better style preservation from copy/paste) and other minor improvements. For many of you who can’t stand having all those notes with “Untitled Notes” – when a note is created without entering a proper title – the Predictive note titles feature should be a welcomed addition:

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Penultimate updated with Dropbox and Evernote support

Penultimate, one of the best handwritten note taking apps for the iPad, was updated earlier today with support for both Evernote and Dropbox. Being able to send your notes to these two popular cloud-based services will make it that much more convenient for its users. Here’s What’s New in version 3.3:

• Serious Dropbox integration: Send notebooks and pages directly to your Dropbox, or enable automatic backup to be sure you always have a copy of your notes in the cloud. Open Penultimate files from your Dropbox.
• Evernote support. Evernote’s handwriting recognition is a great fit for Penultimate users. You can send notebooks and notes to your account for searching there later. Very simple signup in the app if you want to give it a spin.
• Open new workflows by “Open”ing your notebooks and pages in other apps on iPad.
• Copied images can be pasted into Penultimate, and copied ink can be pasted into other apps.
• Now available in Chinese (simplified) and Korean.
• As always, many other improvements and updates.

The update is free for currents users and it’s still currently on sale for $0.99, a great price for those who those who prefer to take handwritten notes/doodles on their iPads.

Penultimate Cocoa Box Design, Penultimate, – $0.99

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Evernote for iPhone and iPod Touch Updated with Redesigned Interface

Evernote, the indispensable cloud-based notetaking and clipping service many rely on for storing all their notes, ideas, snapshots etc (myself included), has just received a major update to its iPhone and iPod Touch app. Version 4.0 introduces a complete user interface overhaul, making the mobile app much more user friendly and visually more appealing. The new home screen now shows the notes list in Snippet View. If a note is text only, the title and excerpt of text will be shown. If the note only contains an image, a row will simply display a slice of that image. And a mixture of the both will be displayed if the note contains other forms of content.

The redesigned New Note screen also makes adding notes snappier and more streamlined. The top half of the page is the note entry area, while the lower half allows users to create/edit tags, attach multiple images from the camera roll and record audio notes of up to 90 minutes. Evernote users on the iPhone will undoubtedly welcome these well thought out changes. Check out complete list of what’s new, plus video demo after the gap.

Evernote Evernote, Evernote, 10.0 MB – Free

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App Updates: Evernote, Instapaper and Dropbox

Three of the apps I rely on most on my iPhone and iPad have all been recently updated with new features and improvements. The biggest update goes to Instapaper (now v2.3), which is an indispensable app for those who wish to save articles on the web for later offline reading (see our review). On the iPhone, users will now see the first few lines of text from articles in each row (previously only available to the iPad). New to both iPhone and iPad, the list now shows the approximate article length and progress read with rows of dots, much like on the Kindle’s home screen. The other new feature is the ability to enable “dark mode” automatically based on where you are (the app is now location-aware). So depending on what time it is on your iDevice, the app will invert the color scheme of the background (black) and text (white).

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Taking Notes on an iPad: A Look at 20 Apps

I purchased my iPad in part to take notes at business meetings – at least that’s what I told myself when I plunked down the cash. The iPad comes with a note taking app (Notes) which like it’s cousin on the iPhone is woefully limited. Luckily there are many alternatives in the App Store (many many alternatives). A new one seems to pop out every week! Not only that, but they’re constantly in flux with bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Depending on the situation (taking personal notes, meeting minutes, lecture notes, etc.) and your preferred method of note taking, your choice of an app may differ, because there is a wide variation in the approach and functionality available. If you haven’t looked closely at the options, you may be pleasantly surprised at what’s available!

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Scanner Pro 2.0 – iPhone Document Scanner gets Major Update

Odessa, Ukraine – Today Readdle announces the release of Scanner Pro 2.0, the newest version of their popular iPhone application which transforms the device into portable document scanner. Scanner Pro 2.0 introduces number of important new functions like integration with Google Docs, camera stabilization, automatic paper edge detection and passcode protection.

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