Create your own PDF files on your iPhone and iPad with Save2PDF

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EuroSmartz, the first dev team to bring functionality of printing photos, contacts, web pages and more to the iPhone back in 2008 (see our PrintBureau Review), has delivered another “World’s first” in Save2PDF. With Save2PDF, users can now easily create PDF files on the go while using nothing but their iPhones and iPads. The unique app will convert the most common file formats into a PDF, including Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, Web Pages, Emails and much more. The other cool feature of Save2PDF is the ability to select individual pages from multiple document/PDF sources to create a single and new PDF file.

There’s currently nothing like it at the App Store and iDevice users who’ve always wanted to create their own PDF files should definitely check it out. Save2PDF for the iPhone goes for $4.99, while the iPad version is $9.99. Demo video and more info after the break.

Save2PDF for iPad Save2PDF for iPad, 5.4 MB – $9.99
Save2PDF for iPhone Save2PDF for iPhone, 8.0 MB – $4.99

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Feel free to discuss PrintBurea in our forums.

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