Free “Alice in Wonderland” Notescast Turns iPod Classic into an eReader

Portland, Oregon – TimeStream Software announces free downloads of its new “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Notescast for the iPod Classic, iPod nano and iPod Video. Available as a free download for a limited time, it’s the classic tale of Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole filled with some of the most notable and interesting characters in literary history, and now iPod owners can read it wherever they go on their iPod Classic, nano or Video. The iPod features a screen wider than the iPhone’s, and no Wi-Fi or Internet access is required.

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i文庫 (iBunko) – The App Store’s best reader


I spend more time reading than tending to important life matters. My wife has even threatened to leave me and my books on several occasions. But not to matter; I’ve found an alternative to the hand-torch and a pillow to hide in the filth of literature: the iDevice. Stanza and eReader Pro have supplied most of my needs till now, but when I feel adventurous, or simply can’t find a great read in English, I turn to Japanese texts. One of the problems however, is that Japanese texts don’t read as naturally when displayed horizontally. i文庫 (iBunko) is a Japanese reader which doesn’t compete directly compete with my favourites. Rather, it exists alongside both apps as a great alternative reader for the highly literate Japanese market and for those who are interested in reading Japanese texts.

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