iSaidWhat? – TWSS?

There is no time like the present to embarrass your mates. But while iSaidWhat may pose like joke recorder to stun your klingons with, I think there are deeper, darker forces at work. While the old recording standard, MiniDisk didn’t connect to Twitter for Facebook, it was good for on-the-fly chop-editing for stringing together horrid quotes, or at the very best, creating a usable interview. iSaidWhat does all of that by allowing you to: record, cut, arrange and then share.

iSaidWhat?! Tapparatus, iSaidWhat?! – $1.99

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Get your fill of Samuel L. Jackson on the iPhone with iSamJackson

Are you obsessed with all things Samuel L. Jackson? Is “Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother***ing snakes on this mother***ing plane!” your favorite movie quote of all time? If you simply can’t get enough of the man who’s been in roughly half the hollywood movies ever made, iSamJackson should be right up your alley.

iSamJackson, when you absolutely, positively have to have the coolest app in the room, accept no substitutes.

iSamJackson for the iPhone and iPod touch features 100% original and authentic recordings from the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. iSamJackson provides endless entertainment with a unique collection of quotes that hit the mark with the attitude and wit of Samuel L. Jackson…in the palm of your hand.

Aside from the Customizable Soundboard (sorry, currently no S.J movie quotes), Personality Scanner and Ask Sam features, the coolest thing about the app is that you can purchase both the “Clean” and “Explicit” versions. And thank goodness that! Can you imagine a Samuel Jackson app without the cursing and profanity? While there are no free lite versions at this time, the website does give you an interactive demo with some of the quotes and features.

iSamJackson (Explicit) Heatwave Interactive, Inc., iSamJackson (Explicit) – $2.99
iSamJackson (Clean) Heatwave Interactive, Inc., iSamJackson (Clean) – $2.99

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forChan – Apple-approved porn for the new year

Cute puppies, eh? That is what the world will be saying in defence of  forChan, the new app which has a little more under the bonnet than a few cuddly wan-chans. iHustleApps little app is stealth porn; it has made it well under Apple’s surface-to-unfair missile radar and was approved in under 12 hours. But forChan is more than just another break, it is a breakthrough in the world of iDevice porn.

forChan iHustleApps, forChan – $0.99 RIP

Sad news prawnies – Apple have pulled forChan from the App Store. Safari next?

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iQuarium in Review – The portable fish tank (Fish included!)

Have you always wanted a fish to care for and own that awesome looking aquarium for it to live in? Well, now you can with iQuarium! Developed by Infinite Dreams, iQuarium is hands down one of the best looking apps for the iDevice, especially on the 3GS. Not only does it look great, but how cool is it to have a fully interactive and intuitive fish living right in your iPhone/iPod Touch? Feel free to discuss this review of iQuarium in our forums.

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iStimulate – put some tongue into it!

7f inc., probably mislabeled their latest app, the tongue-twisting iStimulate. It should be filed under lifestyle, or perhaps health and fitness; part of me wants to cram it into the crowded medical app category. None of the above. iStimulate has been slotted into the game sector of the App Store – but mind you, not the typical, atypical iDevice sort of game. Forget shaking, tilting, bouncing, stroking – actually, the latter one strikes rather close to home. Make sure to wash your screen before hand though,  and I recommend a little (please find link for rubbing alcohol). You may also want to freshen your breath.

iStimulate 7f inc, iStimulate – $0.99

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Clz Movies in Review – Your whole movie collection at the tip of a finger!


You know, I have quite a large movie collection. And sometimes it’s impossible to remember if I have a specific movie that I want to watch, so going to the store is a pain. Well, has provided a tool for this! Now you can reference your movies anywhere, anytime, and at the touch of a finger.

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DigiMagic in Review – the magical Morpheus club


You could eat yoghurt with a spork, or cut butter with the combination of a hairdryer and your index finger. While not optimal for the given job, they cut down the need for superfluous instruments. DigiMagic is a fun app that like the butter knife, has a very specific role which it does very well. What is that role you ask? Read on my weary traveller…

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That’s What She Said – The iPhone/iPod Touch App


One of the most useless and funnest apps I’ve ever encountered is TWSS aka “That’s what she said.” For those unfamiliar with the dirty phrase, here is a formal definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

1. Used to add sexual innuendo to a conversation.
2. When a male wants to share with his friends that he was with a girl (whether her was or not), he will respond to a phrase that sets up “that’s what she said…” as funny or sexual.
3. To imply that what is being talked about was actually a sexual statement and that a girl agreed to said statement in the recent past.

As you can see, the phrase has its greatest effect and share of laughter if stated spontaneously or when least expected. Furthermore, it is definitely not appropriate to teach 5-year old Jake to real meaning behind the statement or you will suffer the consequences of glaring looks from disapproving parents and others.

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Family Guy in Review – Giggity Giggity!


America’s favorite dysfunctional family has finally made it to the iDevice. Sorry Homer and company, but we’re talking about the Griffin family! Fox’s wildly popular animated show now has their official Freakin’ Sweet App! You can watch video clips of some of the wildest Family Guy scenes to ever exist, such as Glen Quagmire asking which of Meg’s friends wants to lose their virginity first. Or how about Tricia Takanawa’s special report on sex with a random guy who turns out to be Quagmire? If video clips are not enough, there are plenty of other features that will keep you chuckling along.

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Iz She Expensive in Review and in the Spotlight


Some devs are into developing app and some into brainstorming ideas. Then, there are others like TNS, who haven’t had a sober night in months. They blur the lines of spontaneity and stupidity while failing breathalyser tests and pissing on cop’s legs. Iz She Expensive? is off the charts and struggling on the floor in terms of quality and production value. Overconfident poise, however, they have by the bin.

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