E! Online is ready for the Oscars – are you?

In the spirit of glam and plastic surgery, support for the Oscars has come to E! Entertainment’s popular E! Online iPhone app. Version 1.1.1 gives fans new and interactive ways to engage their favourite stars and gossip with that special Oscar flare. Remember to suss your Oscars for a chance to win 1$ Million dollars thanks to Bite Interactive’s Red Carpet.

E! Online E! Entertainment Television, Inc., E! Online – Free

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The Red Carpet offers 1 Million Dollars for sussing the Oscars

Evidently, the Oscars are coming up – who’d have thunk? Aside from the expected excitement generated from the Bite Interactive’s cool new contest, The Red Carpet itself is a classy app for Oscar fans featuring: film scoops, previews, reviews, film tracker and Netflix. If you consider yourself a movie junkie who might just need 1 000 000 dollars, then download this 2.99$ app and get guessing. If you can suss all 24 winners, then, well…

… could be yours!

The Red Carpet Bite Interactive, The Red Carpet – $2.99

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HourFace in Review – You, in 90 years

Novelty apps really thrive at the App Store. And I’m not talking about the infamous fart sort – TMA aren’t that interested in gassing. Rather there are quite a number interesting and creative apps out there. I’ve recently reviewed such a one from MotionPortrait, Inc. – PhotoSpeak and was very impressed by what it can do. And now we have a new title from the same developer – HourFace.

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Today’s Cutie: TOKYO VIDEO Babes: Aimi Hoshii

If this were the Chronic 2001 and I an accomplished Hip-hop artist, I would say, “It’s a Digital Adventure day-” followed by a racial slur. It isn’t and I am not, so I will just go on to say that Digital Adventure have got a couple of front-pagers today. This time, the cute cake-eater, Aimi Hoshii has been captured in a pretty comprehensive photo/video book. Fans of gravure and cuteness be ready.

TOKYO VIDEO Babes: Aimi Hoshii Digital Adventure, TOKYO VIDEO Babes: Aimi Hoshii – $1.99

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ZURA Camera – Wigged out and digital

In Japanese, づら is short for かつら and かつら is pretty well short for: hair loss. If that is you, or if you just like to play with wigs, Digital Adventure have a wigged out app for you: ZURA Camera. The app is simple: take a picture, put on a wig, maybe a funny disguise. It is a cute way to enjoy the trivialities of instant costumes and hair loss.

ZURA Camera Digital Adventure, ZURA Camera – $0.99

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Today’s Cutie: Asian Sexy Girls

For those who buy gravure for the literature, Asian Sexy Girls doesn’t come with much of a an app description. But, for the rest of you who just enjoy demure pouts and bikinis, there is still a lot to love. Since my counting ain’t too good, I can’t say how many photos are included, but for 2.99$, there are plenty o’ sexy pictures inside.

Asian Sexy Girls Splash Gene, Asian Sexy Girls – $2.99

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Today’s Cutie: Blond Jokes Jigsaw – hot puzzle?

While McApps are more known for quantity rather than quality, today they may well have bucked that trend. Blond Jokes Jigsaw – apart from the strange spelling – is a clever amalgamation of cute-sexyness and humour. You see, upon the completion of the 50 jigsaw puzzles, you are given a new blonde joke. Not sure if I should put an (!) somewhere here, but the idea sends thrills down my manly spine.

Blond Jokes Jigsaw McApps, Blond Jokes Jigsaw – $0.99

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Today’s Cutie: Sexy Goth Girls

Yes, there is a sexy app for fans of gothic gavure. Sexy Goth Girls features nothing less than black, silver, and lots and lots of self loathing. Smiles come at a minimum of course, but for the inner vampyre, hell – this app just might satiate a different sort of thirst. There are 50 pages of “the most beautiful goth girls” right on your iDevice. This collaborative effort from Tea Monster and Mutagenic Studios is oh just so devilish a delight!

Sexy Goth Girls Tea Monster, Sexy Goth Girls – $0.99

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Today’s Cutie: Japanese sexy girl [Rio Natsume/Naked]

It is really hard to keep my eyes safe and sound and this subject, but alas something caught my eye: the word ‘naked’ in an app description. While 24 year-old Rio doesn’t shed more clothes than she is already barely wearing, she does make her bikini look very small. Developer For-Side.com are famous for multitude gravure apps and just keep adding to the small daily discoveries.

Just like the multitude of ‘sexy’ apps which capitalise on the first three letters in order to sell, ‘naked’ may make the charts. Can’t say I am adverse to Ms. Rio though…

???? ????Naked?/ Japanese sexy girl [Rio Natsume/Naked] For-side.com, Japanese sexy girl [Rio Natsume/Naked] – $1.99

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PhotoSpeak in Review – Oh my God, Max Headroom is back!

In the late eighties, a TV show appeared that pioneered cyberpunk in the US. That show was Max Headroom. Though it was extremely short-lived due to heavy competition, it opened the audience’s eyes to the future, where an artificial intelligence could replace people as reporters, TV hosts and other media personas that we only see through the dreaded box with moving pictures. Well, thanks to MotionPortrait we’re now one step closer to this future and create a Max Headroom of our very own with PhotoSpeak and the tap of a finger.

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