The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count Released on the App Store

AMC’s The Walking Dead, based off of Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series of the same name (which happens to one of my favorite comics), now has its own companion iPhone/iPad app – The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count. Using audio fingerprinting technology (like Shazaam but for video), Walkers Kill Count lets you play along while watching season 2 of the hit zombie show.

Play along LIVE with The Walking Dead – Season 2, as you watch the latest episode on FXUK.

Predict the number of Walker kills, who did the most dirty work and what brutal weapon ended their life.

Hit the SYNC button at any point during an episode to connect your iPhone/iPad to the show, whether you’re watching live or later on catch-up.

Watch as your predictions unfold and experience even more intensity with our live, beating, thrillometer!

Follow the latest The Walking Dead tweets and join the conversation.

Boast about your final score with friends via Facebook or Twitter and revel in the Walker kill stats across previous episodes.

Re-live your favourite Walker kills through our extensive Season 2 video gore fest.

Make your predictions now…

The second half of Season 2 starts on February 19th, so if you’re a fan of the excellent (and gory) TV show, grab the free iOS app and begin making your kill count predictions.

The Walking Dead - Walkers Kill Count Fox (UK), The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count, – Free

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GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player in Review – All-round best in class movie player with streaming

For the longest time, one of the most frustrating issues with the iPhone was its inability to play anything other than pre-converted MP4 video. Of course, this has changed with the introduction of the iPhone 4 and a number of apps by 3rd party developers have arrived on the platform ever since. That said though, a glaring issue still has been streaming support. I have reviewed AirPlayer (TMA Review) – the only contender I could find some months ago and was appalled by it’s horrible performance, both connected to the TV and not. Then, I came across GoodPlayer – Movie Player & Downloader & Streaming Media Player

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Boxee for iPad now available on App Store

Boxee for the iPad is now available for public consumption.

Video from you and your friends – all in one place that goes anywhere.

Boxee for iPad brings videos from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your computer all onto your ipad so you can find and watch new videos or favorites on the train, in bed, on the couch, on the john, during boring conversation, on the patio, from the roof deck, in an abandoned bunker, on the side of a mountain….

Aside from the fact that Boxee is free to download, you’ll also able to stream movies, tv shows and other video files you have on your computer right onto the iPad (much like Air Video (TMA Review)). You’ll need to sign up for a Boxee account and download the accompanying Boxee Media Manager app for either Windows or Mac for this to work. Once BMM is running on your computer (you’ll have to choose the location you wish to share your media) and the app opened on your iPad, tapping on the “My Media” tab will display your video files to stream. If you’re new to the whole Boxee thing, check out their website and see for yourself what this open source media center platform is all about.

Boxee for iPad BOXEE, INC., Boxee for iPad, 1.8 MB – Free

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GPlayer in Review – Dual-core video power to the masses

Devoid of decent multimedia players for the longest time, the iOS saw a tidal wave of such apps hit the App Store with the release of the iPad and iPhone 4. With the hardware finally up to the task of managing the real-time decoding of the wide array of video formats available today, we’ve seen everything from UPnP streaming AirPlayer to the short-lived incarnation of the crossplatform legend VLC, to the jailbreak-only XBMC. But one thing still out of reach has been smooth HD playback, especially for MKV encoded video. Until GPlayer hit the scene that is.

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Soya Comics ~ Social RSS feed reader for all your favorite web comics in Review – A very limited RSS reader

How do most people start their day at the office? With a morning dose of coffee and check-up of their favourite news feeds, right? I don’t know about you but among mine is a daily dose of Dilbert. The mishaps of his office life that often dangerously remind me of my own experiences certainly give me a boost of optimism about the future. And this daily check-up has just got much easier with Soya Comics ~ Social RSS feed reader for all your favorite web comics.

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DOTORI PLAYER in Review – Popcorn not included…

I know many of you were left with a VLC shaped hole in your iOS souls when the original developers of the open source media player filed a complaint to Apple and had it removed. And all that for a technical inconsistency with the GPL license! Still, life moves on and other developers have moved in to grab at the now empty spot. Some time ago I reviewed AVPlayer (TMA Review) – quite a strong contender for the crown of universal multimedia players on the iPhone. Most recently I had the opportunity to take a nab at DOTORI PLAYER, a similar all-in-one media player app from a Korean developer.

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Valentine’s news flash: My Virtual Girlfriend saving Korean marriages

For those with nagging girlfriends and high maintenance wives, Valentines Day and its spendy accouterments: flowers, chocolate, cards, pricey dinners, and lingerie (hey, it ain’t all bad), can tear a man apart. If the cold February chill doesn’t kill you, your bruding-er half will. Recently, my church, The Globe’s English Evangelical Papal Ministry Synagogue, has been handing out iPod touches loaded with My Virtual Girlfriend to stem the tide of February divorces, and good thing, too: every man here has at least two girlfriends AND a wife. It can get messy.

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AirPlayer in Review – Not to be confused with AirPlay…

About half a year ago you might’ve seen my incoherent but rapturous blabbering about Air Video, the app I’ve been relying on for watching movies and TV shows both on my iDevice and my TV via Apple’s AV Component Cable. Life has moved on since then and on one fateful birthday eve (quite recently in fact) I was gifted with a full-blown NAS (ReadyNAS Duo) – a Network Attached Storage device for the uninitiated. Seeing as it fully supported DLNA network playback I immediately went shopping for an app to do away with the PC middle-device altogether between me and my lovely shows. And after some digging I rested my inquiring mind on AirPlayer, which looked like the perfect answer to my needs.

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On the Drawing Board: Color Studio HD + iMarker from Griffin and Crayola

Kids’ art is cute, but sometimes you just might get a bit tired of picking up uncapped pentel pens and stumbling on stubbed out crayons. Take your kids to the next level of fun with Griffin’s Crayola ColorStudio HD app, an interactive ‘coloring book’ on the iPad which you can take with you anywhere you go – and a lot less messy, too.

Together with the interactive and animated coloring book sounds is a custom-built digital stylus, aptly named iMarker. By animated, kids will enjoy a moving, musical lively coloring book where images come to life at the swipe of a stylus. Of course, the element of touch input is still there, and the app can distinguish between the iMarker and a child’s finger, letting him or her freely play and explore with drawing, shading and free play.

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PBS App for iPhone Now Available

The PBS app, first released on the iPad in late October, is now available for the iPhone. Now you can watch your favorite PBS shows (full length episodes to boot) like Antiques Roadshow on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Here are some of the programs you can expect with the app:

  • PBS primetime programs: Antiques Roadshow, Frontline, History Detectives, Masterpiece, Nature, Need to Know, Nova, Secrets of the Dead, and more.
  • PBS NewsHour segments.
  • Austin City Limits song performances.
  • Special clips and full-length episodes from the PBS special CIRCUS.
  • Original online series, including Nova ScienceNOW’s “Secret Life of Scientists” and “FutureStates” from INDEPENDENT LENS.

PBS is FREE to download, and the fact that it comes with more than 300 videos for your viewing pleasure, makes this one sweet deal for fans of the network.

PBS PBS, PBS, 3.6 MB – Free
PBS for iPad PBS, PBS for iPad, 3.2 MB – Free

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