Reservations for upcoming Mailbox app now open to iOS users


Mailbox, the soon to be released Gmail client for iOS that’s unlike any other on the App Store, can now be reserved through the company’s website. If you’re not familiar with Mailbox, it’s a highly unique email app that’s designed to help you reach the ever elusive goal of “Inbox Zero”. Using intuitive swipes, you can easily archive or trash your messages, and even snooze emails for reading at a later time (choose between preset categories or pick your own date/time). Snoozed messages will then archived and removed from view, and eventually return to your inbox automatically, thus allowing you to concentrate on what’s important.

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Sparrow updated with new features, Push Notification to be implemented via yearly subscriptions

Sparrow iPhone 1.2 Update

Sparrow, the best 3rd party mail app on the iPhone, has been updated with 4 new features. First up is Message Navigation, where you can now swipe up and down between messages (previously only conversions were supported). When moving between messages, you’ll clearly see the email’s subject heading, whereas in conversions, the person’s name will be displayed. Also new in the 1.2 update: compose emails in landscape mode, edit and create folder/labels from within the app and support for 9 total languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian and Chinese. As for the issue with Push Notifications, it appears that Apple will not grant the Sparrow team an exception to use the VoIP API for notifications. From the Sparrow blog:

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Tiger Woods + Email App = Double the Fun?

There’s no denying that Tiger Woods has inspired a whole new generation of people to watch and play the game of golf. Well, it seems Tiger is continuing to inspire as iPhone developers are gearing up for what will surely be a heated battle between apps that’ll have your mail/text messages vanish without a trace after it’s been read.

As you may already know, Tiger Woods was reportedly busted for his “extra curricular activities” after his wife found incriminating text messages on his cellphone. So if you were a man (or woman) in Tiger’s shoes (and I hope you’re not), what do you do? Wish you had an iPhone and the TigerText app is what! Released last week, TigerText will allow the sender to set the lifespan of a message once it’s been opened. You can set the countdown at 60 seconds or even days if you wish before the text is permanently deleted from their servers (and hence vanishing from your phone). Of course, the downfall to this is that the sender and recipient will both need a copy of the app. And set to be released in less than a week is TigerMail, a similar app aimed at keeping your naughty mail (and you) safe from life altering consequences down the road. And rather than having your messages stored on a server for even the briefest of moments, TigerMail’s website claims that nothing will be stored as your mail will only be forwarded. Regardless, if you have something to hide or you’re simply the paranoid type, these Tiger Woods inspired email apps will indeed be very tempting.

Tiger Text X Sigma Partners LLC, Tiger Text – Free (First 15 days/100 text)

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