Facebook’s eroding privacy VS your growing mobility

Facebook is all fun and games on the iPhone; and why shouldn’t it be? you’ve got scores ways to disseminate your preferences and personal information to the web, all through the lens of ‘social networking’. It wasn’t always that way though, and in lieu of recent official decisions such as the Digital Economy Act, the sharing of personal information makes loads of sense, at least from a witch-hunting perspective. Facebook has had to erode its privacy policies to manage stay on top of the social world; if it hadn’t, it’d be snowed under by the next aggressive phishing trend.

Just a friendly reminder to mind your own information whilst farming, mafia’ing, and facing around on the good – and now stodgily pervasive – social network agent.

Thanks to the EFF

The Subversion of a Nation – Intellectual Property lobbyists on the hunt for Canada

Give in and this logo too, technically will be illegal

Give in and this logo too, technically will be illegal

In case you are not aware, the Goverment du Canada is holding the consultation on copyright which will ultimately will decide the fate of Canadian citizens’ use of digital media. One part of a democracy is to do your part. In opening this issue to Canadians, the government are doing theirs, but as citizens, we still have our part to play. Until 13 September (this Sunday), Canadians can participate by writing to the government, or better yet, by attending round table meetings about the issue. While the meetings are now closed, you can participate online in both official languages.

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