NBA Elite 11 in Review – Nothing but Net or Air ball?

When EA announced they were changing the name of their long running basketball franchise from NBA Live to NBA Elite, as well as improving the games’ quality, fans of the series were excited for the possibilities. After the recent announcement that the first game to bare the new title was being cancelled only days before its expected console release, the same fans were left with the option of waiting another year for its arrival or take the opportunity to get small and pick it up on their iDevice. Is the compact version enough to hold fans over for another year, or should it have been ejected from this year’s lineup as well?

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Price Drop o’ the Day: SPORE games and SimCity Deluxe now $0.99

As part of EA’s “99” promotion, where selected games go on sale for as $0.99 over October weekends, Spore Creatures (TMA Review), Spore Origins and SimCity Deluxe (TMA Review) can now all be purchased for a buck. And not to leave Sim fans out, EA has also dropped prices for The Sims 3 games, including the World Adventures and Ambitions “expansions”. If you’ve been waiting for your favorite sims game to drop in price, now’s the time to grab ’em. The deals should last only through the weekend, so hurray!

R TYPE in Review – blowing a nostalgic hole in your apps

Talk a out a walk on the old school side. After toggling R TYPE’s icon, I was treated to the most embarrassing flashbacks of bad hairdo’s, rebellious clothes, and Kurt Cobain’s whiny trill. Yep, back when R TYPE was en rage on the SNES, I was a very dedicated teenager. I also happened to sneak my way into friends’ houses to blow things up on screen since I just didn’t have a SNES. Thanks to Electronic Arts, however, R TYPE, the virtual time machine, is hot in the hands of wanna-be teenagers the world over!

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Mirror’s Edge in Review – Run, Faith, run!

Last autumn, a game so deceptively simple took the App Store by storm. I’m talking, of course, about Canabalt – the one button game where you control a guy fleeing for his life across the tops of buildings in the midst of an alien attack. One year and big publisher later, enter Mirror’s Edge, a title that takes the same basic concept to a whole new dimension. It had a long and winding road to the iPhone, debuting as one of the first major iPad games nearly 6 months ago.

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RISK: The Official Game in Review – Ukraine is back in full scanline glory!

Back in my review of Conquest, I was quite sure that the perfect RISK game had been created. Simple, but loaded with extras, its gameplay is pointed and excellent. But Conquest isn’t an official game. Instead, Ukraine-smashing fans have looked forward to this summer’s release of EA’s RISK. Out it is and for better or worse, it is thrashing my good hard free time.

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SimCity Deluxe in Review – A road here, a powerplant there and we have ourselves a city!

I have to confess I missed the original SimCity when it came out back in 1989. Thankfully, I didn’t miss SimCity 2000 and remember spending ages on it, watching my bustling city grow and prosper. Well, it seems I will have many more sleepless nights with my iPhone now that Electronic Arts has released SimCityâ„¢ Deluxe on the App Store.

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First Look: R-Type set to land on iPhone and iPod Touch

R-Type, arguably the sweetest side-scrolling shooter to grace any video game console over the past 2 decades, will be making its way to the App Store as a faithful port of the original arcade hit.  EA Mobile will be publishing this hotly anticipated shooter and we’ve been sent several screenshots of this upcoming title. Some of the features will include:

  • Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire. Pilot a futuristic fighter, the R-9a “Arrowhead,” and attack wave after wave of Bydo baddies in old-school side-shooter style
  • Wide variety of different power ups and ship upgrades
  • Includes original arcade game features including eight unique levels with 8 different bosses each and three different controls – tilt, touch and virtual D-Pad
  • 3 different control modes and multiple difficulty modes

So far, no word on exact pricing and release date, but it is said to be “coming soon”. Fans of R-Type hopefully won’t have to wait long to relive this 80’s arcade phenomenon right from their iDevice. More screenies after the break.

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EA’s 48 Hour Dollar Sale!

EA has just notified us that some of their top selling and most popular games for the iPhone/iPod Touch will be on sale starting tonight at 9:00PM PST. They include Need for Speed Shift, C&C RED ALERT, Trivial Pursuit, FIFA World Cup and more. Many of these awesome games were previously released at the $10 mark and can now be yours for only a buck during this crazy blitz. If you’ve been holding out on picking up these EA games due to a tight budget, this is the time to grab ’em all. Remember the sale ends June 23rd @ 9PM PST!

FIFA World Cup Sale! This weekend only

If you really wanted to get in on a little football action before/during/after/in celebration of the big tourney but were thwarted by the 6.99$ price tag, starting this eve right now, you can rejoice. EA have lowered the price of FIFA World Cupâ„¢ (TMA Review) to 99 cents and FIFA 10 to 4.99$ (a reduction of ~1/3). So if you’re a fan of the game and are looking for ways to get into the World Cup spirit, now would be a splendid time to pick up these EA titles.

FIFA World Cupâ„¢ Electronic Arts, FIFA World Cupâ„¢ (TMA Review) – $0.99

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EA’s Risk to pound weak Ukraine this summer

As if the glorious Conquest wasn’t enough, board-game mongering EA will bring out an official RISK strategy game this summer. Its name? (cue drumroll) RISK (end drumroll… I said end it dammit!). In case you were wondering, you’ll be able to demolish Ukraine with up to 5 other players in WiFi, Bluetooth and everyone’s finger-print smudging favourite: pass ‘n play. EA reckon they’ve got a great soundtrack to accompany the entire thing, something I look forward to testing myself. The release date is somewhat of a secret unless you can suss its debut by the word ‘summer’.

Need pics and info? Just pass the gap:

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