News – Highlights Monster Day now Free


About a month ago Highlights Monster Day went free permanently.  If you have young kids this would be a great way to introduce them to what a typical day in the life of a kid looks like, regardless of whether you are a monster or a human.  As a parent you might even find yourself playing around with this a bit every now and again, though it’s not as adult addictive as a many of the other kids’ games I’ve talked about over time.  Still, it’s not really meant to be for you anyway, and you can’t really beat free.

Highlights Monster Day Highlights for Children, Inc., Highlights Monster Day – Free
Roundup that covered Highlights Monster Day

Math Ninja In Review – TD + Ninjas + Giant Tomato = Fun While Learning!

There are a fair amount of apps in the App Store now that could be classified as educational or a learning tool. Ranging from toddlers to full grown adults, they often come in the form of some sort of game that incorporates actual learning as well. One such title is Math Ninja, an educational game that attempts to make math fun once again for the young (and old more mature). Read on to see if I got my learn on, or just a big fat F.

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24x7digital releases Smiley Sight Words 1.0 – Educational App for iPhone

Los Angeles, California – 24x7digital today is pleased to announce the release of Smiley Sight Words 1.0, a new educational flash-card app for iPhone and iPod touch. Smiley Sight Words is a comprehensive flash-card learning tool containing over 1,500 high-frequency sight words, compiled from a variety of sources including Dolch, Fry, Pinnell-Fountas, and UK word lists. Flash-cards respond to taps, swipes, and shakes – students may tap the displayed sight word to hear professionally recorded American-English pronunciations; swipe flash-cards to navigate the stack of words; and shake their iPhone to shuffle the flash-cards.

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Quotationary’s Got Company – Get Wise ‘r Die Tryin’


Educational? Inspirational? Baddass? You decide. Developer Kim Chi Studios (yum!) just released the new educational, inspirational, quotation-full, life-changing app: Get Wise ‘r Die Tryin’, a tongue-in-cheek collection of quotations that can be mailed, appended, rated, bookmarked and researched via Wikipedia. Anything else? Yes, you can make your own quotes! If anyone can stand up to giants of wisdom such as Clint Eastwood, it is you, the baddass reader.

Kim Chi Studios, Get Wise ‘r Die Tryin’, $0.99
Get Wise 'r Die Tryin'

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Geotap in Review – Educational Fun

geotap1I’m actually a big fan of mini games and quick pickup-and-play games; ones that don’t take much time and effort and can entertain me for short spurts while I feel bored, e.g. daily commute, waiting at a restaurant, etc… Hence I don’t particularly enjoy games that require me to spend lots of time passing levels and learning overly complicated controls/gameplay. This is why I like Concentric Sky’s Geotap quite a bit!!

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Braineous in Review: Cashing in on the “Brain” Genre?

The Iconic Monkey and his brain

The Iconic Monkey and his brain

In the time-honoured tradition of portable gaming, there have always been the stodgy genres: arcade, simulation, adventure, strategy, defense, puzzlers and racing. Eventually, however, parents became involved in the gaming lives of our pioneering gamer forebears. With such came the hitherto uneeded educational gaming genre into our pat world. From that day, our lives as gamers have changed. We are increasingly faced with addictive and mildly fun edugames popularised recently on the DS in titles such as Brain Age and Kanji Training.

Now, straight from TryThis Networks, Inc. to your iPod Touch or iPhone is the title, Braineous. I hesitate to call it educational so will use Try Networks’ own term, stimulating. Inside you will find a stimulating series of 10 games and an iconic monkey that trods on your ego.

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