Win an iPad with Doodle Run

eBattalion, developers of FLIP and Nanoids, are now running a contest where one lucky (and skilled) winner will take home an iPad. The rules are pretty straight forward: play their latest game Doodle Run and obtain the high score by surviving longer than your competitors. The longer you’re able to stay alive, the higher your score.

Run through multiple doodle themes, including Rain, Snow, Day, and Night. Grab a bazooka and mow down zombies and other dangerous obstacles. Jump into an oversized bullet and destroy everything in your path. Doodle Run is a pickup-and-play game that will have you coming back for more and more.

The iPad up for grabs will be the 16GB WiFi model and all scores must be posted before April 30th. If you’re not sick of doodle type games yet and buying the iPad come launch date is out of the question, picking up a copy of Doodle Run for $0.99 and trying your luck/skill could well be your ticket to owning one. Full contest rules after the break.

Doodle Run eBattalion, Doodle Run – $0.99

Update: Soma Games is also running an iPad contest with their game G: Into the Rain. Contest details can be found here

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