Earsonics SM2 Inner Earphones in Review


Earsonics, a French producer of professional earphones, have broken into TMA with their SM2 DLX, a dual balanced armature professional in-ear stage monitor which is priced at 280 € in France, or 268€ outside the country . It both feels and performs worthy of its asking price and comes in your choice of the following three attires: black, crystal (clear), and white. Like the UM3X from Westone, Earsonics’ top-tier universal iem has been constructed to exacting standards and utilises the same cable type: a durable, non-microphonic twisted strand design which is a benchmark for cable quality. Also, like its American competitor, the SM2 is plagued by a dearth of accessories.

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Happy Canada Day!

Google even likes Canadians!

Google does Canadian!

Every year around the 1st of July, an important holiday struggles for press amidst all the heavy drinking. This year and for as long as I can remember, Canada Day has been 1 July. Well, it is time to break out the firecrackers and Alexander Keith’s, Moosehead and for the soft, Molson Canadian Lager. For the expats, download some Red Green Show, Little Mosque on the Prairie or relive the Billy Bob CBC interview for a good ol’ Canadian refresher course.

If you are not familiar, Canada is a country that sits just above the USA, in between Russia, Santa’s home, and wreckage of the Titanic. We are proud of our land, some of our musicians, most of our actors and nearly none of our politicians. If you are planning to visit, you may want to brush up on our two official languages: Canadian and Quebecan – both dialects grown far from their mother countries across the Atlantic and smoothly accented by salmon and poutine.

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