EA announces Real Racing 3 for iOS

It’s barely been over a week since EA announced the creation of Firemonkeys (a merge between Firemint and IronMonkeys), but the new studio has announced earlier today that Real Racing 3 will be “coming soon” for the iPhone and iPad. The Real Racing series is widely considered the best in the genre on iOS and the upcoming sequel aims to take things up another notch.

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NBA JAM for iPhone screenshots and video teaser released

When it comes to pure arcade-style sports video games, nothing comes close to the iconic NBA Jam franchise. God knows how many quarters I spent at the arcades back in the day, while hearing the phrases “He’s on fire” and “Boomshakalaka!” over and over again. So if you’re one of those who grew up playing NBA Jam on a variety of gaming platforms, you’d be thrilled to know that EA will be releasing the 2-on-2 basketball classic on the iPhone and iPod Touch in the near future. Not a whole lot of details have been released at this point, but EA has posted the first screenshots, along with a video teaser to whet your appetite. Enjoy ’em after the gap.

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ROCK BAND Reloaded (for iPad) in Review – Tap Tap Tapping on Heaven’s Door

If frantic touching and the occasional guitar riff turn you on, Rock Band Reloaded may have you out of your shorts faster than you can say “Alice in Chains”. The truth is that EA’s ROCK BAND Reloaded is titillating: it’s got frantic action, good music, and a load of well thought-out tweaks that make gaming a pleasure.

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iOS port Hope: Ultima 7 – the greatest RPG ever

a grisly day in the stables...

Back in the early 90’s, I was in love two things: a cute girl named Christina, and a fathomless role playing game called Ultima 7. But because of my awkward appearance on the one hand, and our horrid computer on the other, I had no luck with either. I got dumped by one, and until I was able to shell out for four more megabytes of RAM, I’d have to play Ultima 7 on a borrowed computer. That was the way of it for a long time ago, but in the intervening years, the ONLY games I’ve come back to are Heroes of Might and Magic (see Palm Heroes) and Ultima 7. Ultima 7 was the pinnacle of computer engineering at the time and even today remains unrivalled for a complete role playing experience. Many today consider it the best computerised RPG ever. Unfortunately, it isn’t truly playable on iOS devices for many reasons. The first is that EA hold the rights to it, and the second is that in order to run playably (in a virtual environment) on iOS devices, it needs a complete overhaul.

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EA’s Risk to pound weak Ukraine this summer

As if the glorious Conquest wasn’t enough, board-game mongering EA will bring out an official RISK strategy game this summer. Its name? (cue drumroll) RISK (end drumroll… I said end it dammit!). In case you were wondering, you’ll be able to demolish Ukraine with up to 5 other players in WiFi, Bluetooth and everyone’s finger-print smudging favourite: pass ‘n play. EA reckon they’ve got a great soundtrack to accompany the entire thing, something I look forward to testing myself. The release date is somewhat of a secret unless you can suss its debut by the word ‘summer’.

Need pics and info? Just pass the gap:

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Sweet Deal Sale: Save up to 80% on EA games!

With Easter Weekend just around the corner, EA’s Spring Sale has now commenced and 25 of their App Store titles have dropped in price (up to 80% in discounts). Lots of great deals can be had, especially The Simpsons Arcade ($0.99), Spore Creatures ($1.99), Mystery Mania ($0.99) and a whole lot more. You can find the entire list below and the sale lasts until April 5th. Happy App Store shopping!

EA to release Battleship, Connect 4, and Monopoly Classic


Bored? EA may have the remedy: Battleship, Connect 4, and Monopoly Classic – 3 favourite board games which are scheduled board the App Store soon in what is sure to be a riot of fun for families and friends alike. EA’s full steam ahead approach to iPhone gaming strategy which couples modern computing benchmark titles such as NBA Live and The Sims3 with classics the likes of  as the above-mentioned three is brilliant and TouchMyApps are looking forward to sinking our teeth into the new titles.

For screenies and more info, follow the gap:

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NBA Live coming to an iPhone and iPod Touch near you


Make way for Superman!

With the NBA season just two weeks away, you were probably wondering just who was going to step up to the plate and bring some much needed hardwood action to the iDevice. If so, you should be pysched to hear that EA Mobile will be releasing their fabled NBA Live series on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

NOTHING BUT NET. NBA LIVE by EA SPORTSTâ„¢ delivers the most realistic 5-on-5 action available for iPhone® and iPod touch®!  Tip-off anytime, anywhere, and watch your game come to life in vivid 3D. Even replay your most awesome plays. It’s fun and intuitive enough for the casual gamer, but also delivers the authenticity to meet the demands of the most hardcore basketball fans.

Having recently released Madden NFL 10 and FIFA 10 to the delight of sports gaming fans, EA look to score once again with the iPhone’s first fully featured 5-on-5 basketball title. While Franchise mode seems to be missing, you’ll still be able to play with all 30 teams and real players to boot. That’s right, you won’t be seeing the likes of Kubei Branyon or Lebon Jimenez anytime soon. For all basketball junkies (including myself), be sure to keep an eye out for its release later this month. More screenshots and details after the break.

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The Game Of Life Classic Edition in Review – Spin the wheel! Make my play! Make some choices! Collect my pay!

We all played boardgames as kids. Some of us still do. The fun (and occasional frustration) of it all can provide memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to EA, you can re-live those memories and create some new ones at the same time. With immensely successful previous boardgame releases such as Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, EA is continuing to turn classic family boardgames into amazing iDevice adventures with their latest release, The Game of Life Classic Edition.

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Zombies & Me in Review – 8lb Gorilla..A Team With Braaaaaains!


When EA made the announcement about 8lb Gorilla, the general public seemed to be excited. Dubbed as their “micro studio”, 8lb Gorilla, (a group of young developers), were charged with the task of developing 99 cent, pick up and play style games for the iphone. With the successful history of EA standing behind them and the decisive fanboy masses in front of them, they did their thing and in the end, put out a pretty solid first title, Zombies & Me.

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