App Store Boner? a Hands Heater – a bomb in your pocket

Back when the iDevice got hot’n bothered with the opening of the App Store, there was no shortage of flashlight apps. The new genre of utility illuminated keyholes, brightened up bedroom ceilings, and drained iDevice batteries. a Hands Heater is worse. If it does work, it must keep the iDevice CPU busy – very busy. Typical 3D-heavy games barely rise the iDevice’s temp, but they cannot defrost fingers. In order for a Hands Heater to really do its job, it has to do a LOT more than a graphics-heavy game. And, in order for it to take effect, it needs two things: time and battery, both of which it will drain faster than any other ‘utility’.

A trip to its iTunes page reveals that most if not ALL of its 5-star ratings are shill accounts. Partisan reviews at the App Store are still a cancer on the market and a sad indication of how Apple don’t get it. Sure, shut down sexually titled apps like iWobble, but let shilling run rampant in market. That’s the App Store I’m proud of!

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