Dunnit! todo app FREE for ONE day

Earlier this month, we touched on the release of the first non-game/entertainment app to integrate the social gaming platform Openfeint for the iPhone. Well, that very app, Dunnit! is now FREE for 1 day, courtesy of FreeAppaDay.com. With its easy to use interface and features that include tagging, repeating tasks and multiple task entry (not to mention Twitter and Openfeint integration), its hard not to like Runloop’s Dunnit! And now that the price tag has dropped from $4.99 to FREE, this is one App Store download you shouldn’t miss out on today.

Dunnit! Runloop Ltd, Dunnit! – FREE (very limited time)

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Dunnit! todo app integrates Openfeint

While there are plenty of fully featured and very solid Todo and Task Management apps for your iPhone (Pocket Informant, Appigo’s Todo, To-Do List Pro, there are currently none in the market that makes use of OpenFeint to help motivate users to “get things done”. Thanks to Runloop however, Dunnit! becomes the first non game/entertainment app to integrate the social gaming platform into the app.

Runloop believes that adding collectible achievements to a To Do list app will provide increased incentive for users to remain productive. Integrating OpenFeint allows users to compete against their friends and colleagues. Points are earned by simply using the app to get things done.

Aside from the aforementioned feature, Dunnit! looks to be a simple and well designed todo app that includes Twitter integration (tweet your completed tasks/achievements to boast just how productive your are), tagging, repeating tasks, multiple task entry and more. Personally, I’m not entirely sure just how many folks will find the need for OpenFeint in a GTD app, but regardless, kudos to Runloop for bringing something new to the table and one that could very well catch on with other non-game developers. More info and video after the gap!

Dunnit! Runloop Ltd, Dunnit! – $4.99

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