Guerrilla Bob almost upon us

Chillingo are certainly no strangers to highly anticipated releases at the App Store. The Quest, Ravensword and Minigore are but a few of their past well received and successful iDevice offerings. Well you can now add the soon to be released Gorilla Bob to this list. Reminiscent of the highly addictive dual stick shooter Minigore, Guerrilla Bob is entering the “polishing” phases and likely to be released in the coming weeks.

This is the odyssey of a brave soldier, who decided to take matters in his own hands. They call him Bob, and this is his game!
They were going to nuke the bad guys, but Bob gets pleasure killing them one by one. So he started his own war. Bob against the foes. Bob against everyone. Everyone that moves.

If you’re a fan of Minigore and its style of gameplay, you definitely need to keep an eye out for the action packed and visually delightful Guerrilla Bob. Gameplay videos and new screenshots after the break!

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MiniSquadron in Review – There is a little Red Baron in each and every one of us!


We often find ourselves going back to fond childhood memories of the games we played back in the “good old days”, when the quality of the game play itself on the PC was far more important than flashy graphics. Dogfighting games were always addictive and came in a multitude of varieties, but all had one thing in common: game play which while quite simple, required incredible skill and finesse. And don’t even get me started on the glorious feeling of pounding your friends to dust in hot-seat multi player (yeah, that was the only way you COULD play multi player in those days). Well, MrFungFung has brought the same good ol’ fun to the iPhone!

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Garters & Ghouls in Review – Fight off the onslaught wearing nothing but garters… Well, almost…


Namco is a major league player when it comes to console games. And they have just released a new dual-stick survival shooter with a twist – you control a newly no-longer-dead hot chick named Marie Dupois in her epic fight with the Thrum in a desperate attempt to rescue her still-alive husband. And did I mention she’s gorgeous?

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Minigore, New Chillingo Shooter Targeting a Furry Launch at the App Store


"It's called a gun. And this face? It's called handsome"

Chillingo (cue the sonorous angelic choir) are prepping the the App Store, their ranks of fans and the internet for another big hit. After their recent successes with CS.One and Knights Onrush, the publisher is moving to a dual-analogue style cartoon shooter. Minigore stars the survivor, John Gore in an quest to kill a slew of hairy creatures who want nothing less than to taste his flesh. If you need more information, pictures and a video, just follow the jump!

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