Gobliins 2 in Review – Two heads are better than one!

Apparently quite satisfied with the performance of Gobliiins (TMA Review) on the App Store, DotEmu with the support of BulkyPix, have decided to go ahead and release the second part of the series, detailing the misadventures of the goblins. True to the spirit of the franchise, Gobliins 2 puts you in control of a duo of characters on a quest to solve devious riddles and rescue the prince.

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Avenging Spirit in Review – Quantum Leap the Video Game?

Whether it’s been through emulation or truly porting the game to run natively on the iOS platform, there has been a lot of old titles headed to Apple’s handheld juggernaut, Avenging Spirit being no exception to this trend.  I was not actually familiar with this particular game, but having spent some time with it on my iPod Touch I can definitely feel the early 90s platform nostalgia kick in.  Conceptually the game is actually pretty interesting, but in practice it makes me realize why I both loved the 90s for gaming and am glad that games have advanced since then.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Guillaume & Romain from DotEmu – Bringing back the classics to the AppStore

In this bustling world of the triumph of modern technology, a recent trend has been a rapidly rising demand for nostalgia gaming. It isn’t that much of surprise if you come to think of it. After all, people who grew up on the classic games of 80’s and 90’s are now in the position of making decisions and spending money… Sometimes, a LOT of money… And this in turn gave rise to a new breed of companies, focusing their efforts on bringing the classic games to modern platforms. One of the more prominent players in this market has been DotEmu, known for porting titles for almost every platform imaginable, from modern PCs and Browsers to Smartphones of all breeds. And more recently – the iOS family of devices.

Joining me today are the co-founder and CTO of DotEmu – Romain Tisserand and his Head of iPhone applications – Guillaume Siorak. The topic at hand: the recent release of the cult classic – Gobliiins (TMA Review), along with more general talk of the iDevice world.

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Price Drop: Golvellius – The Valley of Doom

Light-hearted levelling RPGs like Zenonia and Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone have captured the App Store’s heart. Well, it doesn’t get much lighter than Golvellius – The Valley of Doom, a throwback to the bygone days of 8-bit console RPG games. In fact, it was a hit in the late 1980’s on Sega’s Master System and has been a classic ever since. Well, thanks to its benevolent dev, DotEmu, it gets the FREE treatment. 1.3 brings a number of improvements which have been requested by users since version 1.0 and is much better. It is time to RPG the 80’s way!

Golvellius - The Valley of Doom DotEmu, Golvellius – The Valley of Doom – FREE!

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Krypton Egg in Review – The Ultimate Breakout?

kryptonegg4First developed for the Atari in 1990, Krypton Egg has survived obscurity for almost 20 years  by being arguably one of the best breakout clones out there. If looks alone could kill, the game could very well have been rejected by the App Store. Thankfully, Krypton Egg more than makes up for its cosmetic deficiencies with solid and engaging gameplay and a whack load of crazy fun power ups.

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