DOOM II RPG in Review – Cacodemon-doo, my BFG is coming for you!

Doom is without a doubt an iconic game, truly bringing to life the genre of First-Person Shooters pioneered by Wolfenstein 3D. In this light it’s even more interesting that the first reincarnation of the legendary franchise on the mobile platform turned out to be a Turn-Based Action/RPG adaptation. Of course, the iDevice is home to DOOM Resurrection – an on-rail-shooter and a port of the original DOOM Classic , but still, this unique variation on the universe has graced the App Store as well in DOOM II RPG.

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Doom II RPG – doesn’t the Devil ever rest?

The mobile RPG engine responsible for a lot of sleepless Nazi-hunters in Wolfenstein RPG has hell-rolled the D10 to the moon. Like the original Doom II, you and your stupid team will run back to the bright shining face to despatch baddies and answer a distress call. Unlike the original, you won’t be doing it in real-time – Doom II RPG is a turn-by-turn RPG ala its predecessor, Wolfenstein RPG. Tighten up your combat boots ladies and gents, hell is a sticky icky place with icky sticky humour.

DOOM II RPG id Software, DOOM II RPG – $3.99

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