The key to DIY iPhone Repair Success

The evolution and complication of devices is really starting to part the seas from those who know what they’re doing, to those who can do things, to those who think they can do it, but prove that they can’t. It can definitely be a daunting, intimidating task to repair your device, whether it is an iPod needing a new battery, or a bruised and battered iPhone. Organization, paired with some skill and know-how, is the key to properly fixing any device.

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DIY iPad case: ぞうのハナコ (the elephant flower girl)

Introducing the elephant flower girl DIY iPad case

While big name livery gets all the headlines, it’s the products of real makers that stand out. Really, what’s 5$ of felt and a few hours of your time? The above is the product of my genius wife, who having run out of room in her Celtic colouring book, decided to make a case for her iPad. I showed her my scheduler-esque Marware Eco-Vue iPad case (certainly svelte for a scheduler – and pictured here for the Kindle), but she wasn’t impressed. She wanted cute. We headed to PixDix, to the Apple Store, to BestBuy, to #Apple, and to various online retailers; not a one presented anything quite cute enough. Frustrated, but still kicking, my wife found SopoShop, and a really cute elephant pouch. Every poet is a thief and every biology lab researcher can replicate the finest of details, so while we bypassed SopoShop’s unfortunate dearth of iPad cases, we did come away with the elephant flower girl.

Piccies and more after the gap:

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