Dell Mini 3 Android smartphone going to China and Brazil


Dell have been in bed with the world’s largest telecom carrier, China Mobile since embedding their 3G tech into Dell netbooks and will be inundating an expectant (and populace) China Mobile customer base with the Mini 3 smartphone. Dell’s exciting new phone carries the Android OS and is built around the creatively named oPhone platform. In a lateral move, Brazil’s Claro (which just so happens to have more customers than Canada has people) will be the world’s first carrier to introduce the 3G version of Dell’s smartphone.

Happy Dell Day!

From Dell Press

The oPhone, iMichael Dell Phone – China’s ‘Me Too’ secret weapons


Perhaps ‘me too’ is too harsh an evaluation for the large makers, Lenovo and Dell, two companies who are respective giants in the Windows world. Dell, like Apple, began its life in a garage and now is one of the largest corporations in the world and Lenovo, who took over for IBM in 2005, continue to produce high-quality notebooks and PC’s. So, the groundwork is laid; both companies are great PC makers – if you’re into that sort of thing. But when it comes to sex appeal – perhaps I should rephrase that – or lack of sex appeal, both companies would be better off burning their design books. Dell never shook the garage feel and carbon monoxide appearance from its company, which despite great sales, has yet to make anything which is universally sexy. Lenovo? Their largest shareholder at 27% is the government of China. Not saying that governments cannot be sexy, but the word alone sends shivers of grey down my spine.

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