Knights Onrush On Sale Now – 99 cents for 36 hours


Don’t let the explosions, fun cartoon physics and amazing escapes fool you into thinking that Knights Onrush! will never go on sale. It is – NOW! Rush out and GRAB (hint hint, wink wink, say no more, say no more) it before the 36 hours are up, or, brave the monetary siege yourself. If you simply cannot figure out if it is worth your time, take a gander at our review and buy the bloody thing!

Chillingo, Knights Onrush, 0.99$, 21.3MB
Knights Onrush

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Archmage Defense in Review – Skull Shattering Fun!


Now that the App Store is running amuck more than ever with defence titles ranging from TD to space and now to Castle Defence games, hearty finger fighters should have many reasons to stay happily violent. Archmage Defense is a stunning game that shows how well the better part of a dollar can be well spent.

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