ING Direct $50 Orange Key promo is Back [Canada Only]

If you missed ING’s awesome Double Referral Bonus promotion (and live in Canada), the good news is that it’s back and now runs through December 31st, 2012. Basically, ING Direct is doubling their usual $25 bonus to $50 for each referral made, so once you’ve got your account setup, you can get your friends and family to sign up for a free Thrive Checking account. And when they do and deposit their first $100, you’ll get $50 for each referral. At the very least, you’ll still get $50 yourself just for setting up an ING account (you must use an Orange Key, like this one: 39694980S1). See my previous post for the complete details on how to get started.

As an added bonus, you can even score a $100 Apple Gift Card just for switching over your payroll.

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Free Worldwide Calling on Skype for 1 month ($13.99 value)

Make more than your share of long distance calls? Well Skype is currently running a promo that gives its existing users free worldwide calls for a month. Basically, it’s the Unlimited World subscription plan ($13.99) you’ll be getting free for 30 days. With it, you’ll get unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in 7 countries (US, Canada, Hong Kong, Guam, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Thailand) and landline calling in 34 countries.

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ThinkGeek’s Mega Deals Sale – save up to 75% on cool gadgets and gizmos

ThinkGeek, the online store that sells “Stuff for Smart Masses”, is currently running their biggest sale of the year with the Mega Deals promo. Over 500 items are on clearance, with prices slashed up to 75% off. The most notable deal is the iCADE Mobile Gaming System for iPhone, a bluetooth gaming controller that supports 100+ iOS apps – now just $16.99 (down from $69.99). If you’re a gizmo addict and want to save a nice chunk on some cool (iDevice) gadgets, head over to the Mega Deals page to start browsing through the catalog. I’ve also included a rounded up of some of the better iPhone related items below.

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Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle: Pay what you want for 9 award-winning Mac Apps

We’ve covered a number of Stacksocial deals on TMA before, but their latest offer really is quite fantastic. Following in the footsteps of the Humble Bundle, the The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle lets you choose how much you want to pay for these great Mac apps, 10% of which will go to a charity of your choice.

That’s right. We’ve partnered with 9 of the world’s finest Mac App developers to bring you the first-ever Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle. You pay what you want for six different Mac Apps that will make you faster and more efficient on your Mac including

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Humble Bundle for Android 3: Pay what you want for several awesome games (Fieldrunners included)

The Humble Bundle for Android is back. In this third instalment, you once again get to pay what you want for 4 highly rated Android games: Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP.BEAT, Uplink! and SpaceChem (an award winning design-based puzzler that’s also available on the iPad). Don’t have an Android phone or tablet? Not to worry, because all the titles are Cross Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and DRM Free. And if you pay more than the current average of $5.85, Spirits will also be unlocked. As with all Humble Bundles, the great thing is that you can choose where your money goes: to developers, charity or both. You have until Aug 29th to take advantage of the offer, so be sure make your way over to The Humble Bundle for Android 3 landing page for the complete details.

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Become an iPhone developer with Learn To Code Bootcamp Bundle ($99)

If you’ve ever had the desire to develop your own iPhone apps (and dabble in web design) but don’t know where to start, Stacksocial’s Learn To Code Bootcamp Bundle could be for you. On sale now for $99 (a total retail value of $935), you get 6 actionable video courses teaching you how to become “the ultimate developer”. All step-by-step courses are part of udemy’s popular e-learning platform, and they include Make iPhone & iPad Games w/out Programming (222 lectures/10 hrs of content), Learn How to Code iOS Apps (66 lectures/11 hrs of content) and Become a Web Dev from Scratch (234 lectures/41 hrs of content). And the first 1,000 buyers will also get a bonus Crash course in CS6 Photoshop. Head over to the Bootcamp Bundle (simple email registration required to view details page) and take advantage of the deal before it ends Sept 2nd.

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Bundle Hunt Holiday Mega Deal: 6 Mac Apps and 6 Design Goodies for only $49

The Bundle Hunt is back and this time, they’re offering 6 great Mac Apps and 6 Design Goodies for only $49 – a total retail value of $1,100. You’ll be receiving Apps like LittleSnitch (a great firewall utility that allows you to monitor incoming/outgoing network traffic), DEVONthink, Macpilot, Bannerzest Pro, Pulpmotion Advanced and Diskdrill Pro. Many of these apps alone are worth the bundle price. Design Goodies wise, you’ll be getting a total of 7 quality WordPress themes, 10 web design ebooks from SmashingMagazine, the complete White Space Iconset and more. Bundle Hunt’s even throwing in MacPaw’s Ensoul Mac App for free by simply sending a single tweet. Oh, and you can also win 1 of 2 iPads by subscribing to their newsletter.

If this sounds like a pretty fantastic deal, you can pick up this Holiday Bundle here (you’ll be supporting us by buying through this link). And like many bundle offers, it won’t last forever – this one’s good until December 16th, 2011. More info on the apps and goodies below.

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Seyo Shop – THE place for Japanese headphones


Many Japanese audio companies don’t distribute headphones (let alone other audio equipment) overseas. It is is a flying shame since brilliant products such as the Victor/JVC FX500 can’t be sampled by international buyers unless at extravagant importer prices. The Japanese exporter, Seyo-Shop, manage to supply eager international hands with Japanese headphone gems which otherwise would cost an arm, leg and part of your jaw to buy.

Buying from Seyo has a few strong advantages

  1. selection: there are dozens of domestic releases which cannot be found elsewhere under one roof.
  2. price: Seyo serve up great prices for international buyers: from headphone deals to excellent international shipping rates, they are ahead of the curve.
  3. shipping: Seyo ship via the world’s defacto express postal service, EMS who are unrivalled for cost, speed, and ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of your product.
  4. guarantee: if your product suffers manufacturer’s defect, purchases from Seyo are guaranteed for up to one year.

Look below for some good deals from Seyo Shop.

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