Onavo Extend adds LTE/CDMA support, will help cut down on data usage

Onavo Extend, an existing iOS app that helps you save up to 80% on your data consumption, has just added support for 4G LTE iPads, and the iPhone 4S on CDMA networks. Using cloud-based technology and some and compression magic, Onavo helps make sure that you don’t go over your monthly data plan. Basically, here’s how it works:

Onavo Extend installs a configuration profile (which includes your operator’s APN settings) on your device so that data you receive from the Internet is compressed in our cloud-based compression service, located in datacenters operated by Amazon Web Services. The compressed data is then sent to your mobile device so that you get a leaner, faster and more efficient version of the web.

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AT&T overhaul data plans; add iPhone tethering

Welcome to the 2000’s everyone! AT&T, that lumbering giant, has finally bolted upright and matched some features that other networks have offered for years. Perhaps the most important is their new data pricing, which under the new plan, no longer needs an economics degree to suss. America’s number two carrier reckon that 65% of users could ‘get by’ with the new 200MB DataPlus plan and 98% of users could get by on their 2GB DataPro plan. But as nice as their penny-pinching efforts may be, iPhone tethering will likely grab the headlines. Tethering has been available on better-built networks for a while now. But thanks to AT&T’s ehem… network strength, has kept the iPhone in the dark ages.

Tethering and Data plan details after the gap:

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iPad unlimited data plan really is unlimited

From my high-castle vantage spot in Seoul, I’ve watched the tragedy of AT&T’s tethering and data plan lies attack the USA, and in particular, one-eyed the AT&T ‘unlimited’ iPhone plan. We all have. Well, I think I’ve finally sussed it: if you remove two letters and swap a vowel from Apple’s iPhone, you arrive at the parameter which allows for proper unlimited data in an unlimited plan, the iPad. That is, the AT&T unlimited iPad plan really is unlimited. Terse as always, AT&T’s Mark Siegel explains it all:

unlimited is unlimited

From Gearlog

A VERY expensive Safari trip


Looks like it’s about time to get back to my conspiracy theories. Many things have been said about the partnership between AT&T and Apple, from praise (well, not that much of it) to scathing criticisms regarding such decisions as the clawing back of Google Voice and other related apps. Well, this just in: Apple help “increase” user spending on data charges.

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