Dark Nebula – Episode Two Now Free for the weekend

Dark Nebula – Episode Two [see our review of Ep 1], a highly enjoyable tilt-based action rolling game (think Labyrinth on steroids), is now Free for the weekend. Developed by Anders Hejdenberg (lead designer of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat), Dark Nebula is a prime example of a game that’s extremely easy to pick up, yet difficult to put down due to its tight controls and fun gameplay.

  • Over 25 completely new enemies and obstacles.
  • 19 action-packed levels that span across six different environments, from lush jungles to barren wastelands.
  • Completely new combat system that enables you to fight enemies.
  • Cinematic musical score.
  • Global leaderboards and facebook integration.

Just grab this one if you haven’t already done so – you won’t regret it.

Dark Nebula - Episode Two 1337 Game Design, Dark Nebula – Episode Two, 77.5 MB – Free

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Aug 2 – 8]

This week’s biggest story is probably a little iPad game called Splinter Cell Conviction HD.  I haven’t actually engaged in the adventures of Sam Fisher on any device yet, but rumor has it that the series is pretty popular!  If you’re into stealth action games, this is the one to try.  For the nostalgic folks there’s The Manhole, a title that’s more of an interactive, exploration based storybook than a true game.  This hails from a time where Macs were desktop only and didn’t have an “I” in front of their name.  Keep in mind that the primary target here is kids, so unless you have some history with the game or some children you might want to look elsewhere.  If you’re on that never ending quest to find the best ball rolling game you might want to give Dark Nebula – Episode 2 a try, as it looks to up the ante on the first episode in every way.  A few other games came out as well, so I’m pretty sure there’s something for all tastes like usual.

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