Triazzle Promo Code giveaway!

triazzle-6Without a doubt, we’ve all seen our share of puzzle games hit the App Store week after week. Some are easily forgettable, while others, like Dan Gilbert’s Triazzle, deserve a front page (app) spot on all iDevices. Anyone looking for a challenging and addictive puzzler should look no further than this classic game that has sold over 5 million copies since it was first released in 1991. From Jim’s review of the game:

Triazzle…is a complex and engaging puzzle game, like the hand-held puzzles (such as Rubik’s Cube) of yore, mixed with a logic puzzle that can give the right kind of gamer a sense of satisfaction at having the skill to succeed. I can definitely recommend it to gamers who like a little more strategy in their puzzle games. I’m giving Triazzle a Kiss It rating, and if you’re into this type of game that will challenge you, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

To enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 copies, simply check out our review and submit a comment within this contest post. Winners will be selected randomly and they’ll be announced on July 31 @ 2 pm EST. Good Luck !