Price drop: CYEARS ShootingSimulator – FREE to dodge!

Sometime ago I reviewed CYEARS ShootingSimulator an interesting and original game that provided the unique perspective on how it would feel like being the enemy in a vertical shooter game. And while it got a Slap it rating from me, my main concern was the price/quality ration. Well, the developers have decided to drop it to FREE! I don’t know for how long it will last, but there is no reason not to get and find out whether I was right or not. And you can always check out my review again.

CYEARS ShootingSimulator IMJ Mobile, CYEARS ShootingSimulator – Free

CYEARS ShootingSimulator in Review – a vertical scroll shooter… without the shooting


Do you like vertical scroll shoot-em-up games? Have you ever wondered what it’s like for the other side, the side that can’t fight back? Well, now you can find out. IMJ Mobile have recently released a unique and controversial game called CYEARS ShootingSimulator. So let’s find out how it feels to lose all your weapons.

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