iTunes/eBay voucher criminals collared

And thank God too. Lord only knows what chilling bills can be racked up via stolen credit cards. UK criminal, Suhail Tufail, put more than 7 000 debit and credit cards in the red thanks to purchases worth 750 000£ and the help of 4 other dodgy geezers. The group of five who used stolen credit cards to buy iTunes vouchers, make Gizmodo’s Jason Chen look like Little Riding hood. Fortunately, the UK’s big bad police have put these badboys behind bars. Apple’s products and services have been the target of criminals before and thanks to their cute industrial designs, will be again.

Morale of the story: don’t always jump at good-looking deals on eBay – you could be stealing someone else’s money. If it was yours, you’d probably hope for a little courtesy. Batten down the hatches ladies and germs, it’s criminality time!

Thanks to The Register

iDevice crime on the rise – iPhone seen Breaking Jail

So, after the Mobistar fiasco, it is clear that the iPhone ain’t just another phone. From Tokyo to Toledo, it’s in high demand and draws a load of envy from have-nots. I fit into the latter group, but unlike the 3 men from L.A. who committed 28 aught crimes against Apple Store customers, my dearth shouldn’t cause worse mischief than random petty theft.

I am actually prey to other deterrents: smashingly beautiful smartphones, and superphones too.

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Forget GTA – Gangstar Cometh

While not exactly a GTA-clone, Gangstar is similarly stationed – a violent game involving crime, money, and lots of blood. The above video is courtesy of a TouchArcade preview the iPhone ‘port’ of the game. I use quotation marks because, as you will see, this ain’t exactly 2006’s Gangstar.

Unlike its direct competitors at the App Store: Payback and Car Jack Streets, Gangstar is a fully 360 degree free-camera 3D game which makes great use of the iDevices 3D processor.

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