Crazy Chicken: Pirates in Review – More Tame Than Crazy


While some developers have come a long way towards making playable FPS games on touch screen devices, the shooting gallery style game is really a much more pleasant experience for said hardware.  One franchise in particular that has always brought entertaining installments to this genre is Moorhuhn, aka Crazy Chicken depending on where you live in the world.  One recent edition to the franchise is Crazy Chicken: Pirates for iOS devices, which as of the writing of this article has been subtitled Christmas Edition for the holidays.  It has all the wackiness you’d expect if you were familiar with the brand, and three different game play modes to boot. Continue reading…

10 New App Store Games To Watch [September 23 – 29]

Guess what?  A whole bunch of new games came out last week, and I was there to download and try out as many as I could.  Crescent Moon Games released Fading Fairytales, a turn based strategy game set in a world where dark forces threaten to tear apart everyone’s favorite childhood stories (sounds awfully familiar).  Surprisingly the game is free to play, and it looks to put an interesting spin on all the fables you remember from your youth.  Mines Of Mishap is a new hack ‘n slash that doesn’t actually start you off fighting bats, rats or goblins.  You can have multiple save slots for each of four character types, there are 40 different gems to discover and upgrade your character with, and you can play co-op with up to four players over WiFi.  As usual there were plenty of infinite runners released over the week, but one that caught my eye was Buddy & Me.  Visually it looks like an interesting interpretation of The Neverending Story, and unlike most runners that have two characters in this one they work cooperatively instead of having to control them both in separate circumstances.
Continue reading…