9-Toolbox in Review – Convenience at its best

9toolbox1Rather than calling 9-Toolbox “an” app, I would consider this a collection of apps; grouped together into one icon on the Home Screen of my iDevice, and allowing me to access nine different applications, all with different functionalities.

I kind of like this idea a lot; I really hate to have to search through many pages on my Home Screen to look for that particular app (although this will change with iPhone OS 3.0, but in the meantime it’s a pain). I now know that I only need to look for this particular app, and I can have access to “eight” useful utilities.

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HIConverter – The All in One Converter Tool for the iPhone

Conversion tools are great little apps to have on your iPhone or iPod Touch simply because of how useful they can be at the right time. With a few taps, you can convert such categories as temperature, speed, length and area. Some apps convert the basic, most used categories while others can convert just about anything you want to throw its way. HiConverter – A Comprehensive Unit Converter and Tip Calculator, developed by Chillingo, is just such an app. With over 3000 units and 108 categories to convert, the majority of users’ needs are more than likely to be covered.

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