The Times is a Changing – TouchMyContributors section weasels into TMA


While TouchMyApps loves a good roll in the hay with the iPhone, we have found that quite a few like-minded individuals are out there, waiting to add their touching experiences and unique methods to our stockpile. What does that mean exactly? And what is that ‘roll in the hay’ comment about? First, the former; a new author section will go up today called, ‘touchmycontributors’, a section devoted to reviews, news, and views by those honoured, like-minded individuals who know they have something to add from their seats around the globe. It is our hope that they will command greater respect than our regulars, who after a written extravaganza, are more often than not, tattooed by rotten, flying tomatoes and other easily tossed items.

Gamers, Audiophiles, Gadget lovers, news mongers; whoever you are, we are waiting for you.

The latter? Not really concerned about that one. If you happen to be ‘the one’ that we are looking for, I urge you, my fellow globalites, to contact us and prove it.