Copy2Contact 1.0.1 Offers Acclaimed Technology to iPhone Users

New York, NY – Announcing that Anagram Technologies, the developer of Copy2Contact, has released a new product for iPhone and iPod touch users. The popular Copy2Contact technology that has previously only been available for the PC and BlackBerry is now being offered as an exciting, new App. Users now have a fast, easy way to capture contact information with just a tap from virtually any text source, eliminating re-typing, copying fields of data, and errors.

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Google Sync for your iPhone

Google has once again added more functionality to your beloved iPhone. This time it is over-the-air syncing of your built-in iPhone contacts and calendar with that of  your Google account. Non MobileMe users as well as those relying on NuevaSync to easily sync contacts and calendar between your iPhone and desktop can now do the same with Google Sync.

  • Get Google Calendar events on your device (and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration)
  • View multiple Calendars in different colors
  • Synchronize your Contacts with Google
  • Have changes pushed directly to your phone

The best part about all this is that both your calendar and contacts stay synchronized whether you add or edit entries on your iDevice or on your Google account on the web. Sweet. Instructions on how to get started can be found here.  Be sure to back up any contacts and calendars to your computer before proceeding. [PCMac]