STL Contacts Manager free for limited time

Since the default Contacts app on the iPhone/iPod Touch is pretty bare bones, there’s a market out there for apps that specialize in pimping up your contacts in both looks and functionality. If you’re one to find the default app severely lacking, you may want to check out STL Contacts Manager, now free after a price drop of $4.99. It’s essentially a poor-man’s version of the highly polished Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management app, but it still works quite well. Aside from the tabs interface of the app (and it’s many features), the thing I like most about STL is the ability to create groups for all your contacts, which will then be carried over to your stock Contacts as well (creating groups is not something you can do directly on iPhone).

While I’m not sure I’d actually pay $4.99 for STL Contacts Manager, the fact that it’s free at the moment makes it a pretty sweet deal. At the very least, I’ll probably be using it to sort out my contacts into groups without the need for iTunes.

STL Contacts Manager, STL Contacts Manager – Free

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