Bent on world domination, Steve Jobs and Dr. Evil “laser” the masses

Finally, I’ve met someone who will back up my claims that Steve Jobs is indeed planning world domination! What I’ve been saying ever since the first exploding iPhones and iPod Touches has to be true. And this time it’s not some kind of a whacky conspiracy theorist, but a full blown doctor with a Ph. D. in psychology! Check out the snippet below or read the full article, Steve Jobs’ Diabolical Plan for Global Domination over at San Francisco Chronicle.

The whole iPhone (and iPod and iPad) thing is starting to sound like a 1950’s science fiction movie. If you’ve ever watched one of these now-totally-camp movies, the story line goes like this: A mad scientist bent on world domination invents a fanciful machine that turns humans into unthinking zombies over whom he has complete control. Now let’s update that storyline. A mad scientist by the name of Steve Jobs invents a fanciful machine called the iPhone that, according to a recent Stanford University survey, turns users into “junkies” allowing him and his evil empire to take over the world (at least the media world, so far). Now do you see it?

[via SFGate]