Arachnadoodle in Review – LOL of the flies


I’m reliving grade 10 all over again. Another assignment, another dose of dread. Except that this time, I am completely amazed by the subject. Arachnadoodle isn’t anything like a Robert Golding’s anarchic adventure; it is a ligth-hearted load of web-slinging fun worth more than its 99 cents price tag. But be prepared to sit down, advance some strategies, and get your sling on, because this action/puzzler isn’t just for the funniac.

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Arachnadoodle Flies onto the App Store!


Strung up with hectic holiday app shopping? Not to worry. Connect2Media’s Arachnadoodle may net you in this Christmas with lots of fun. This arcade collector, this cootey catcher, this spiderman game of aim and balance, is now available for the grabby price of 99 cents.

Connect2Media, Arachnadoodle, 0.99$, 10.6 MB

Press Information and gameplay video after the gap:

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Who Ate All The Flies? Arachnadoodle – preying soon at the App Store


It’s pretty crazy how many games are stringing up for a holiday season which promises to be quite a sticky web of delight. Connect2Media (C2M) who have dazzled TMA with games like Go Go Rescue Squad are brewing another something something for eager shoppers, and if it ends up to be anything like its predecessors, C2M may just have a hit handy. Look for it soon now.

Connect2Media, Arachnadoodle, 0.99$, 10.6 MB

Press goodies and screenshots after the gap.

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Go Go Rescue Squad in Review – delivering Darwin


Some little boys want to be firemen and others, cowboys. The former, however daring, may be suicidal, and the latter have never been kicked in the gonads by a horse. It hurts. Connect2Media have a great game for those little boys who grew up but still long to rescue damsels, toss people around, and in general, play the hero. Go Go Rescue Squad (GGRS) isn’t your typical fireman game. You won’t be dancing on a stage to the cheers of dozens of 30-something women, but your duties will introduce you to the mundane: crawling into collapsing buildings, saving people from torrid terrors; stopping fires, and sacrificing your muscles for the sake of an air-kiss or a suave snap of the fingers from Darwins. Realism is not the aim of this puzzler, and thank God it isn’t.

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Tumblebugs Preview – Bugging the hell out of marble shooters everywhere


Sleepless nights and whirling marble shooters do not mix well, but they are the fare by which I stay somewhat sober. Tumblebugs, a game which I am loath to call a Blackbeard clone, is a new game by Connect2Media and Tag Games which will have you spinning like mad. What 35 million PC users have already discovered is that it is fun, but not easy to save the bug world from the evil dominion of the black bug and his legions.

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Timeloop – Unique puzzler now ready to be touched


Connect2Media, the same devs who brought us the well received Go Go Rescue Squad, has released Timeloop, a unique puzzle game where the player must use short jumps in time (aka Timeloops) to travel back in time in order to help their previous self solve puzzles. While this may sound strange at first, you’ll quickly grasp the concept and come to appreciate what Timeloop will have to offer. Here’s what shigzeo wrote in his excellent in-depth look at the game:

But that is where this game is ingenious. Most of the puzzle-solving is done with regards to opening doors to the next room. Some are straight-forward, requiring only the overhaul of one remote-control desk. Others, however, require Nik to go back in time, duplicate and shadow his former self and finally, perform the needed action…Timeloop rocks. Its graphics are light-hearted, silly, and colourfully perfect for its theme. There are cute comic-book cut sequences and good humour all about this game.

Released at the promotional price of $0.99, Timeloop is certainly easy on the pocket and should please gamers looking for their next puzzler that has great visuals and one that introduces new and unique gameplay elements. More info, including gameplay video after the jump.

Connect2Media, Timeloop, $0,99, 11.9 MB

Connect2Media, Timeloop Lite, FREE, 12.1 MB
Timeloop Lite
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Timeloop Hands-On Preview – ’round the clock


I have admitted it before and I’ll admit it again: my gaming skills are far from admirable. Add that to inept puzzle-solving abilities, and I am a sad and frustrated lump of a gamer who can barely stretch his digital legs. Fortunately, I thrive on frustration and Connect2Media‘s Timeloop has plenty of it. It is a fun game which places you in the role of Nik, the robotic janitor of a mad-scientist who has just invented the time-machine. As they must, things go astray whilst Nik is cleaning. The result? The professor is trapped and Nik is left with the duty of freeing his boss and recapturing a litter of runaway kittens before time runs out.

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Connect2Media’s Summer iPhone Lineup – Crazy From the Heat


Seoul is shaping up to hit 33 degrees tomorrow and it is still June! My friends, summer is upon us all. Even Canada has hit somewhere above 3 degrees already and with one more week of the sunny summer months, is guaranteed one more day without need of parkas and toques. Someone also told me that Moscow has just had their first thaw in 10 years! Congratulations! On this special event, Connect2Media have given away a glimpse at their hot summer release agenda which, more than matching Seoul’s weather, is hot!

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