Command & Conquer Red Alert making its way to iPhone and iPod Touch

red-alert-preview9RTS fans rejoice! EA has just sent us word that Command & Conquer Red Alert will be coming to the iDevice, with the expected release date to be in October. In the world of RTS games, Command & Conquer is certainly one of the most influential and popular franchises around, right up there with the ageless classics like Warcraft and Ages of Empires.

Experience real-time COMMAND & CONQUER strategy as the Soviet or Ally factions. Control the battlefield with touch-screen power in up to 12 combat levels. Create and command war squads in realistic environments. Manage supplies with an intuitive combat system, and escalate the game with hi-tech weapons you develop.

While quality RTSes are slowly (but surely) making their way to the iPlatform, I have yet to play an RTS on the iPhone that I would consider a must have for the genre. There’s no doubt that if EA have covered their bases and done a good job in the controls and gameplay department, Red Alert will be a massive hit at the App Store. For now, check out the in-game screenshots and more info after the break!

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