Low Grav Racer in Review – F-Zero meets Roadblasters meets Need for Speed


My experience with racers goes back to the original F1 Pole Position, a game which eventually burned out my Atari 2600. I graduated to Battlecars and a much-needed upgrade to the first handheld 16-bit system, the Atari Lynx, and have been trolling last place in racing games ever since. Just last week, I got onto a kick of playing racers again with the recently released Future Racer and have since been looking for a do-it-all racer. Low Grav Racer is a pen-knife among iDevice race games: fast and smooth, it feels like a racer, but adding to the thrill, it supplies you with guns and a determination to inflict damage.

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Dam Buster in Review – Not As Good As it Looks


There’s a place for simple games on any system, and especially portable ones where you may sometimes only be able to play for a short burst. But there’s still something inherently ‘playable’ about those games, something that makes you want to come back and try again, or play just a little bit more. Toy Raid succeeded in being that type of game in a way that Dam Buster wants to be, but unfortunately, it just falls too short in too many areas.

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