Cloud Photos syncs your photos to Dropbox

For those of you who enjoy taking pictures on your iPhone AND like the idea of having all those images synced automatically with your Dropbox account, Cloud Photos just might be the app for you. Created by the start-up dev team Syrp, Cloud Photos uses Dropbox to store all your photographs, so as you go off snapping pics with the built-in camera, those images are uploaded to Dropbox in the background. Speaking of which, the camera features several advanced settings like white balance, focus, exposure and grid. And to help save space on your iPhone, the app only saves a thumbnail of the actual photo taken onto the device, thus freeing up precious space for apps and other media (the original files can be downloaded from the cloud at anytime). Cloud Photos is available now on the App Store and currently on sale at $0.99. You can check out the rest of its features after the gap.

Cloud Photos Syrp Inc., Cloud Photos, – $0.99

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