Koreans: enjoy this year’s holiDAY, Chuseok


Origins unknown - came in an email, cute ain't it?

In a year where the government moved all holidays to weekends so that everyone would stay at work (yep, you heard that right), it is time for a break. Seoul residents, who are behind only Cairo denizens for overtime work deserve a few days off — well, one day off. In this year that simple sucks rocks thanks to a blood-sucking government, even 24 hours feels great. Korea, have a great time on your holiDAY.

Chuseok’s origins are especially hard to pin down in a country whose history is longer than my school demerits, but it is thought to have come down from the eventual mixing of a harvest festival and a weaving contest, both of which originated before the birth of Christ. Yep, whilst the Europeans were wrapping themselves in a rug of body hair from the loins to the back, and dreaming of Valhalla, the Koreans were weaving and maybe dreaming of a day off…