iPad Cloned – roll over MaxiPad, big ‘ol iPod touch

Who needs a big ‘ol iPod touch when you can have a giPod Nano (my clever nickname for a ginormous iPod Nano). This seemingly unnamed Chinese iPad clone is svelte in white and a sports a cute click wheel and the startlingly low price of 290$. Better yet, it even packs a quaint stylus for drawing cute apples and other fruits. Manufacturer: Shenzhen Huayi churns out the clone in the Shenzhen, the city known for pickpockets and tech look-alikes, and begs geeks to buy this latest of clones.

While Redmond Pie asks you to be wary of purchasing fake gear, TMA says: if you are fully of wasteful dosh, go ahead, but see if you can’t save your pennies on something worthwhile, like an Apple iPad.

Updates to QuickOffice – Upgrading to a truly Productive Office App


Yes, cell borders can be edited now!

In my formal review of QuickOffice 1.0, I questioned whether a software suite that missed too many features was worth 20$. QuickOffice 1.2.0 fixes many of the problems by adding features that should have been present in the first release and adding a couple of undocumented requests. 

I can safely raise my own evaluation of QuickOffice to a Grab, but QuickOffice is still perhaps not up to the standards needed by people who use mobile Office products on a regular basis. Most of the upgrades, especially predictive text input, auto-capitalisation and double-space for a full stop (period) balance the app suite, but are overshadowed slightly by some strange behaviour in the text editing window. For instance, if you want to go up to the furthest left space and input text, you will be apt to click the ‘back’ button rather than successfully move the cursor to the top. The zoom tool works well, but navigating to any extremity of the screen is still a chore. 

Quickoffice, Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite, 19.99$, 6.9 MB
Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel & WiFi)

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Updated: QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite in Review – A Mostly Productive Productivity Suite

Join the long list of people waiting for a proper Microsoft Office editing suite. Take a number. Have a seat. And maybe a coffee. Several good options have made appearance at the App Store but none are quite ready to be dubbed true Office Editors.

QuickOffice, a suite a suite comprised of Word and Excel editors, takes charge of a few great features of the iDevice and makes Office editing possible along with file sharing and creation. To attest the fact, this review has entirely been written on my iPod touch.

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