Chillingo’s Inkvaders set to pillage the App Store


Chillingo, the sonorous company name that ringo’s in me earo’s like so many angels, signals another chorus – this time, to the tune of ‘The British are Coming’. The invaders came from an unlikely spot: the notebook sketches of one bored student who now has to do something to stop the creatures s/he created. Evidently, that something is to draw a hero who will fight off the baddies. Invaders is described as a ‘wacky shooter’ and from the description, it shouldn’t disappoint.

But, it might have trouble with its name. Invaders is about as common a name in gaming as Park or Kim are surnames in Korea. Darren McKie’s game, Invaders is a game where you play the invading force trying to dominate Earth from above. I rather think the two should team up.

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Chillingo Announces Crystal – The Social Gaming Platform for the iPhone


In typical forward-thinking fashion, Chillingo are harnessing the facebook fallible, the twitter totalled, the stumbling stumbleuponers; their new endeavour is aimed at the heart of social-networking. Essentially, with massive yearly increase in users, social networking sites are taking ground from bingo halls, bowling alleys and roller-skatign rinks. Large networks of similarly minded gamers are perfect places for people to share their interests and their games and Chillingo themselves, developers, gamers, marketers, etc., – are a microcosm of the sort of platform which they intend to commandeer to yet another success.

Crystal is that game platform that has potential to create borderless gaming on the iPhone. Follow the jump for Chillingo’s press release.

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Knights Onrush On Sale Now – 99 cents for 36 hours


Don’t let the explosions, fun cartoon physics and amazing escapes fool you into thinking that Knights Onrush! will never go on sale. It is – NOW! Rush out and GRAB (hint hint, wink wink, say no more, say no more) it before the 36 hours are up, or, brave the monetary siege yourself. If you simply cannot figure out if it is worth your time, take a gander at our review and buy the bloody thing!

Chillingo, Knights Onrush, 0.99$, 21.3MB
Knights Onrush

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Vampire Origins gameplay footage revealed

Back in April, Chillingo Director Chris Bayett had sent TouchMyApps some exclusive screenshots of Vampire Origins, a game shrouded in secrecy and mystery. Tight lipped about the whole affair, all Chris revealed at the time was that the game is ‘an advanced “point-and-click” adventure’. True to his word, Vampire Origins is indeed looking sweet and a breath of fresh air in the point-and-click world. Developed by Ice-Hill, this vampire slayer features some stunning visual effects along with an ‘immersive cutting-edge adventure mixed with fast-paced, intense fighting action.’ We’re told that the game is expected to be released in a few weeks time. This is definitely one we’ll be keeping a close eye on. In the meantime, feast your eyes on more screenies after the jump.

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New gameplay video for Chillingo’s upcoming Touch KO

TouchMyApps has just received some brand new screenshots and gameplay footage from Chillingo, who will be publishing the Fight Night inspired boxing title Touch KO. Developed by two talented brothers Adam and Matt Mechtley of 6ixsetstudios, Touch KO is shaping up rather beautifully and looking poised to deliver the knockout punch when it arrives at the App Store shortly. Utilizing the popular Unity game engine, the Mechtley duo have created a visually stunning iDevice game that quite easily stands toe-to-toe with titles from the PSP and PS2 platform. Touch KO has also been designed from the ground up, where players will make use of the unique multi-touch and accelerometer features of the iPhone/iPod to control fully customizable virtual fighters. If this boxer plays nearly as well as it looks, Chillingo will have another winner on their hands. Be sure to check out more screenies after the break.

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Minigore, New Chillingo Shooter Targeting a Furry Launch at the App Store


"It's called a gun. And this face? It's called handsome"

Chillingo (cue the sonorous angelic choir) are prepping the the App Store, their ranks of fans and the internet for another big hit. After their recent successes with CS.One and Knights Onrush, the publisher is moving to a dual-analogue style cartoon shooter. Minigore stars the survivor, John Gore in an quest to kill a slew of hairy creatures who want nothing less than to taste his flesh. If you need more information, pictures and a video, just follow the jump!

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Return to Mysterious Island – Walkthrough in the Wild!


If you are like me and cannot tell your head from your tail especially when it comes to adventure games, you need a bit of help. Tetraedge, developer of RTMI have put together a wonderful walkthrough for us iPhone players with excellent pictures and a very helpful map. It is a long PDF, so put away your Baud 28.8kbps modems and strap on your 56.6kbps ultraspeed, because this may be a bumpy ride.

Tetraedge (Chillingo), Return to Mysterious Island, 4.99$, 263MB
Jules Verne's Return To Mysterious Island

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SHMUP Underground Coming Soon from Chillingo


Chillingo aim to bring a new SHMUP to the App store whose central theme is street-art as fought along the underground. Yes, you heard correctly, ‘fought along the underground’. Underground’s art is the work of Mr Frames of BBC, MTV and the Royal Academy of Arts fame and will probably forge ahead a new genre of game in the App Store: Horror/SHMUP.

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Return to Mysterious Island in Review – One Hot Adventure


There is nothing worse than realising that you forgot something. When my eyes started to go bad around age 12, I often forgot my glasses which I hadn’t yet registered as a need. It wasn’t long till I felt naked without them. I have felt the same about my Casio Calculator watches and later, even about my mobile phone. But Mina, Return to Mysterious Island‘s stalwart heroine faces much bigger challenges as she is shipwrecked with barely her skin on a less than friendly island in the Pacific Ocean.

Starving, alone and about to face many, many challenges, Mina is in a precarious state that balances on the edge of survival and a creeping sense of horror as she discovers more about the island made famous by Jules Verne.

If you are stuck, check out Tetraedge’s excellent walkthrough.

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