Horror Racing in Review – Off Road Racing For Ghoulish Gear Heads!

horror-racing-review1A number of apps have arrived for the coming Halloween season. Half of them are nothing special, just one-off holiday gambles, but the other half contains a mixture of apps that are good for a few laughs, until the holiday passes, or in the case of the latest app from Chillingo and NEWFX, all of the above and a little extra.

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Radio Flare free for the weekend


Another music related game has gone free for the weekend. First it was MEVO & The Grooveriders, a fun rhythm platformer brought to you by Red Rocket Games . Now Radio Flare, the only musical shooter for the iDevice also becomes a free download (this weekend only) to celebrate the announcement of its sequel, Radio Flare Redux. Set to be published by Chillingo, Radio Flare Redux builds upon the core of its predecessor and will feature even better graphics and visual effects to the music and sound. If you have yet to try this unique shooter, now would be a great time to check it out and see what can be expected from the upcoming release. More info and a teaser trailer can be found below the break.

In other news today, Pinch n Pop!, one of the earlier App Store hits, can also be picked up for free this weekend (to celebrate its 1 year anniversary)

studio radiosolaris, Radio Flare, FREE, 17.3 MB
Radio Flare

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Underground in Review – The SHMUP! You’ve Been Looking For

underground-review1I’ve said quite often in the past that when it comes to games for the iPlatform, my favorites are almost always the “pick up and play” style games. They are usually the easiest to learn and the most addictive. Outside of gaming, one of my longest passions is graffiti art. Up until a little over a month ago, I would have never expected those worlds to collide. Thanks to the powerhouse team of Chillingo and Kinelco and their latest App Store title Underground, I couldn’t be happier.

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Counting Cows – Chillingo’s upcoming game: Cash Cow


Imagine marrying numbers with puzzles for a sure-fire way to confuse both the maths meek and puzzly challenged. Well, developer Riverman Media crunched the numbers and will be bringing the popular PC game, Cash Cow, to the iDevice to be published by Chillingo. Reportedly, it will be making moosic in the App Store very soon, but don’t sell the farm whilst waiting.

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Chillingo’s Underground shooter set to debut at the App Store

Back in June, we had posted some info about Chillingo‘s upcoming Underground, a title described as a ‘a horror/graffiti themed side scrolling shoot em up’ (aka shmup). Well Chillingo has sent us word that their latest App Store offering has just been submitted and should be available for all iDevices shortly. Developed by Kinelco, Underground is easily the most stylish and dressed up shooter for the iPhone, even featuring graffiti artwork by renowned street artist Mr Frames and original Hip Hop music score composed by Pp3d, which  fuses dark beats and hip hop to compliment the look ‘n feel of Underground.

Take a journey with a graffiti artist through the underground transport system as they battle through their inner demons on a mission to rectify a previous art crime. Fight your way through a series of street art inspired levels and lift the curse that seems to haunt their every move. Unfold the story as you stop at each beautifully 3D rendered station and get closer to the truth behind the myth. Classic 2d side scrolling shoot em up gameplay takes you on a trip through the thoughts and anxieties of our cursed artist as they make their way to their final destination.

From the new gameplay footage, it seems as though Chillingo has a very promising and unique shooter on their hands and one that should please fans of the genre. Keep an eye out for our review as SteveNaka will be giving Underground the full-on treatment. More screenshots and details after the jump.

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Chillingo’s Inkvaders is OUT! Time to load up on paper bullets


Inkvaders, the game which occupied a heap of my time in the last week, and which eventually had me  wishing for an eraser rubber, is out at the App Store. My prophesy that this week would be the magic timeframe for release was fantastically right (and tipped off by Chillingo). If you need incentive to buy, check out my preview of Inkvaders; I generally think the game (not my preview) is worth all of its 99 cents asking price; that is unless you abhor violence – in which case, the Sims 3 might do you better.

Chillingo, Inkvaders, 0.99$, 18.9 MB

Update-Released! Inkvaders Preview Scrawling into TMA – Get your guns ready!


I’ve spent over a week with this bloody game which pits you, a pencilled-in and and cut-out hero, against wave after wave of similar, but ferocious aliens. Inkvaders is Chillingo progeny, so expect nearly every iPhone fanatic to know of this game by week’s end. Me? I’ll do my best to concentrate your thoughts on its App Store Debut.

The game has debuted! 20 August 2009, the aliens attack your little notebook.

Chillingo, Inkvaders, 0.99$, 18.9 MB

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Cross-Pollination of Minigore – Lizzy swings in from Sway

Sway and Minigore



When everyone thought that their favourite blockhead survivor, John Gore, would sustain himself a bit longer, the man expires. Alas, as Jim so aptly pointed out, there isn’t any beating Minigore – it is a game which like a slow-killing poison, will kill you no matter what you do. Well, Chillingo are grabbing another character the iPhone gaming arsenal, Lizzy, from Illusion Labs’ Sway, another highly rated platformer which makes excellent use of the iDevice controls.

Chillingo, Minigore, 0.99$, 15.1 MB

Illusion Labs, Sway, 4.99$, 9.2 MB

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Touch KO in Review – Fight Night on your iPhone?


Boxing is sport I can get into. The rules are straightforward. The objective, punch harder and better than the other guy. Console games have progressed through the years to become almost as exciting as the real thing, so the prospect of being able to box on my iPhone was very appealing. Chillingo, an extremely popular game publisher for your iDevices has recently launched Touch KO. A 3D boxing game that they hope will knock out the competition.

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Minigore in Review – All the Gory Details


In my opinion, there are some games that work really well on the iDevice. Puzzle games and strategy games seem to provide the right kind of balance of play and controls. Arcade style games also fall into this category, in many ways because of the simplicity inherent in most of these types of titles. Minigore is one of those games; simple and ultimately a whole lot of fun.

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