Angry Birds HD In Review – Attacking The Pigs On The Big Screen!

When Angry Birds first hit the App Store, it became an instant success. Its easy to pickup/hard to put down formula was a perfect match for its brilliant graphics and amusing comicbook style storyline. Now available for the iPad, it seems Angry Birds HD’s destiny is all but guaranteed to match its iPhone predecessor.

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Freebie of the Day: Monster Mayhem

In need of a new and addictive game on your iPhone/iPod Touch? Look no further as Chillingo’s awesome Monster Mayhem has just been given the paid–>free treatment. While Chillingo has published dozens of quality iDevice games, M.M remains one of our favorites here at TouchMyApps. ChiffaN reviewed this surprise hit back in May and had this to say:

Monster Mayhem is an unimaginably addictive castle defence game, sort of like a cross between Plants vs. Zombies (TMA Review) and the myriad of zombie shooters out there. Monster Mayhem further augments the experience with a variety of undead and upgradable weapons that make them regret ever leaving their graves.  While there may be some minor flaws, the developers managed to nail it where it counts – sheer mindless fun of blowing zombies to kingdom come.

No word yet on how long this freebie deal will last, but why wait? If you want to add another great title to your app collection, Monster Mayhem definitely won’t disappoint.

Monster Mayhem Chillingo, Monster Mayhem (TMA Review), 17.2 MB – Free

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SEED 2 – Vortex of War in Review – Better, but not enough to make a difference

SEED 1 – RISE OF DARKNESS (TMA Review) tried to reach for the crown of the Action/RPG genre back in late 2009. Released under Chillingo, it offered several interesting features, including the ability to switch between classes at any point in the game. However it was crippled by the developer’s attempt to squeeze more money out of the players using in-app purchases (IAP), offering the gamers special items that could not be acquired using other means in order to “help ease the gameplay”. In reality some of them were essential to avoid significant frustration which couldn’t help but influence the ratings, which in turn led to the eventual re-release of the game as FREE and an additional release of SEED 1 Gold Edition without IAP. And now the sequel is live on the App Store, let’s see if SEED 2 manages to overcome some of its previous shortcomings.

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Knight’s Rush in Review – Pillage and plunder across dimensions…

A little over a year ago Knights Onrush (TMA Review) set the new standard for castle defense games with addictive gameplay, polished interface and superb graphics. Following up on the franchise, the developers later released A Quest Of Knights Onrush – a side-scrolling arcade title about the adventures of one of the knights in the original. And just recently, Chillingo released Knight’s Rush –  the next chapter in the series, plunging the would-be pillaged knights through other dimensions.

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Zombie Wonderland in Review – Need some undead guts cleaned up?

So what would happen if one day John Gore of Minigore (TMA Review) fame woke up and decided to go zombie hunting? I’m pretty sure you’d end up with Zombie Wonderland. With the whole “protect the building” scenario ripped right from the Evil Dead movies, and a main character whose witty comments could rival those of the master zombie slayer Ash himself, Zombie Wonderland is an amusing jaunt in the zombie killing genre that actually works quite well, despite not being a line drawing, dual stick wielding or 3D person perspective action game.

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Master of Alchemy for iPhone released + Contest to win a Flip Video Ultra HD Camcorder

Chillingo’s original physics-based puzzler, Master of Alchemy (first released for the iPad), is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Recently reviewed by Steve, the game is a refreshing take on the genre where players must manipulate various objects into solids, liquid or gases and move them around the board in order to complete levels.

MoA even supports the iPhone 4’s retina display, ensuring top notch graphics on the device. To celebrate its release, the iPhone version is currently on sale for $0.99, with the iPad version dropping from $4.99 to $2.99. If you want to enjoy an excellent puzzle game and one that’ll hold your interest, don’t miss out on this great deal. Chillingo is also giving away a Flip Video UltraHD Camcorder and copies of the games to celebrate the occasion. Check out the complete contest details after the break.

Master of Alchemy Chillingo Ltd, Master of Alchemy, 37.8 MB – $0.99
Master of Alchemy HD Chillingo Ltd, Master of Alchemy HD (TMA Review), 19.1 MB – $2.99

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Master Of Alchemy HD In Review – God Like Power Packed In A Puzzler

I’ve been looking for some new games to enjoy on my iPad. There are a fair amount out there but I’ve also noticed that many are simply iPad versions of original iPhone titles (aka ports). I wanted something new.

“What if you could transform lead into gold? Or distil the essence of life itself?…”. That’s the opening line in the description for Master of Alchemy HD. As far as openers go, that one is definitely an attention grabber. Using the practices and methodology of medieval days gone by, you’re tasked with taking on the Mechanologists and bringing alchemy to supremacy.

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Predators in Review – A movie tie-in the doesn’t suck

Anyone that’s been gaming for a reasonable amount of time knows that this is just about fact – developers can’t make good video game tie-ins for movies.  The trend began with E.T. for the Atari 2600 (if not sooner), and still continues today.  From time to time a gem emerges, however, and Robert Rodriguez presents PREDATORS™ is one such gem.  While it doesn’t quite have the “wow” factor that James Cameron’s Avatar did for me, it’s still an engaging and fun game, and Predators are just about the coolest aliens around when it comes to intense combat games.  The main down side is that you loose one of the biggest Predator qualities in the way the game is laid out.

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Pirate’s Treasure in Review – Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Ahoy, landlubbers! In the game for some booty? Me and some fellow gentlemen o’ fortune found this ole treasure map lying around and are planning to go hunting for it!  And a couple of me hearties – Guerrilla Bob and John Gore – have recommended you as a reliable mate to accompany us. Beware, though, some lily-livered sprogs say there’s a curse be placed on said booty. But those child’s tales are not going to stop such swashbuckling buccaneers like us, right? Arrrgh!

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Sinking your teeth into Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon for FREE

Love adventure games, but still on the fence about picking up Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 (TMA Review) – the beautiful and atmospheric vampire-hunting adventure? Well, have I got great news for you! Anuman Interactive, the current owner of the franchise, has just informed me that in conjunction with Chillingo they will be setting Part 1 of the thrilling story FREE for an entire week. So mark your calendars and get some blood in the fridge – you’ll soon need it!

And if you require some help during your Dracula journey, be sure to visit Tetraedge’s official support forums right here on TMA!

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  1 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 – FREE (May 21 – 27)

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  2 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 2 – $1.99

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon - Part  3 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 3 – $1.99