NyxQuest in Review – Play With Your Environment

Aside from the whole ordeal with building wings and flying too close to the sun, I don’t know a whole lot about the tale of Icarus, so I’m not sure how accurate the intro to NyxQuest is.  Regardless, it makes for interesting background in a tale with a twist that has you taking on the deity lover instead of the winged goofball.  You must navigate the ruins of ancient Greece to find the missing inventor, but your journey will be no walk in the park.  This game does violate one of my prime rules of portable platform games: don’t make the levels too expansive.  That said, it’s an interesting affair that should certainly please most discerning platform gamers’ palettes. Continue reading…

Storm In A Teacup in Review – Would You Like Sugar With That?

There’s been a lot of positive buzz about Storm in a Teacup, both before and after the first time I attempted to play it.  After muddling through the first 2 levels I just didn’t get the appeal of the game.  Luckily I had committed to reviewing it, so I forced myself to pick it back up and move on to level 3.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that this is one of the best platform games I’ve got on my device right now.  I think the visuals sometimes border on amateurish, and I’ll get to the music later, but overall I am so glad I stuck with it to see what the game had to offer.

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Orions 2 in Review – The deck masters are back with a vengeance!

Back in my university days, I used to be a huge fan of Magic The Gathering, probably the most well-known and successful Collectable Card Game ever. It always provided an excellent way to pass the time during those boring lectures and it was something to do in-between them as well. I have abandoned it since, unfortunately, mainly because of lack of time. But it seems the iOS is likely to change that, with some superb CCG type games appearing on the platform the last few months. The most recent of which is actually a sequel to a rather successful iOS release from a couple of years ago — Orions: Legend Of Wizards (TMA Review) — and is rather unimaginably titled Orions 2.

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Vampire Rush in Review – Tower Defense up close and personal

It seems in the last few years the genre of Tower Defense has been milked for almost all it’s worth. From the traditional ports of well known Flash titles on the App Store to some quite interesting and original ones developed specifically for the platform, you can find almost anything out there. The latest addition to jump into the fray is Vampire Rush – an original blend of Hero and TD gameplays.

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Minigore now Free for Limited Time!

Chillingo’s Minigore (TMA Review), one of the most addictive dual stick shooters on the iPhone to this day, is now free for a limited time thanks to the upcoming Minigore 5 update and anticipated release of the classic game Death Rally . With the previous episode 4 update, players were treated with co-op multiplayer over WLAN and the Elder Gore character pack (IAP) and improved retina display support. If you dig non-stop action on your iDevice, do youself the favor and grab Minigore while it’s free. Ep. 5 with more goodies should be just around the corner…

Minigore Chillingo, Minigore (TMA Review), 53.2 MB – Free

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Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift Now Available…Free for all!

Cut the Rope (TMA Review), Chillingo’s hypnotically addictive puzzle game that sold over 1 million copies in just 10 days, now has its own Christmas themed levels. Rather than going the usual app update route, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is a standalone iOS game that offers 25 all new festive levels, along with the stocking feature that teleports your candy all over the screen. Best of all, Holiday Gift is completely free to download. If you’ve enjoyed swinging candy into Om Nom’s sweet toothed mouth before, this is one freebie you don’t want to miss.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift Chillingo, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, 19.7 MB – Free

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Cut the Rope Updated with Retina Graphics and more Levels

iPhone Screenshot 5

Cut the Rope (TMA Review), one of the most adorable and addictive (not to mention challenging) puzzle games on the App Store, has just received its very first update. In addition to the much welcomed support for Retina Display, the puzzler has also been given a brand new “Cosmic Box” stage, which now includes 25 extra levels and the nifty gravity button (why, it inverts gravity!). Other new features include an optimized scoring system, 11 new Game Center achievements and a new leaderboard for bragging rights.

If you already own this delightful game, be sure to download the update now. If not, you can always check out the free lite versions of Cut the Rope for the iPhone and iPad before making the purchase.

Cut the Rope Chillingo, Cut the Rope (TMA Review), 20.41MB – $0.99
Cut the Rope HD Chillingo, Cut the Rope HD, 30.21MB – $1.99

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Freebie O’ the Day: Minigore


Minigore (TMA Review), Chillingo’s prized dual stick shooter and one of the most addictive in the genre, is now FREE for the next 48 hours. Despite being released almost a year and a half ago, Minigore is still popular among action fans and it’s also responsible for the onslaught of similar games that have subsequently been released on the App Store. Oh, and it’s still getting new content via occasional updates to keep the action alive.

Can you survive the onslaught of furries in the dark wilderness of Hardland? Help John Gore avoid his enemies and fill them full of lead in this action-packed arcade shooter. Intuitive dual-stick controls and stunning, fluid visuals make for one of the most addictive and characterful games on the App Store.

If you even remotely enjoy action games and have yet to pick Minigore up, this is a must have for your iPhone and iPod Touch. You’ll soon find out why shooting fuzzy black creatures has never been more fun.

Minigore Chillingo, Minigore (TMA Review), – Free

Update: It should be worth noting that Mecho Wars (TMA Review), an excellent turn based strategy game, is also from for a limited time.

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Cut The Rope in review – What’s An Angry Bird?

If you haven’t heard by now, Cut the Rope is the Angry Birds killer.  After having spent some time with it, I can begin to see where they might make that claim.  Of course it’s a completely different style of gameplay than Angry Birds, but from my point of view it’s a bit more accessible from a difficulty standpoint.  Besides, how can you not love Om Nom?  Will it’s dethroning of the champion be permanent?  I’m not sure, but in the mean time I’m just going to enjoy it for what it is – an incredibly fun physics based puzzler with an adorable protagonist.

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