Contest: Tell ChiffaN and TMA the truth to win a $15 iTunes giftcard! (Closed)

Hey there, TMA fans! I’m in a good and generous mood today following my birthday celebration over the weekend! And to share this mood with all of you dear readers, I’m going to give out a $15 US Gift Card. But you are going to have work for it. Well, a little bit.

I’ve been with TMA for a just about 5 months now and hope you’ve been enjoying my work. And I’m commited to making it even better. So in this regard, one of the things I’m going to expect from you is to leave a comment on this post describing what you like at TMA… AND what you feel we could build on. Feel free to be frank in relating TMA’s cons in relation to other iDevice websites. I want to point out that the latter part is an ABSOLUTE must.

The other thing I would like – is that  you spread the word about this contest as far and wide as possible using the best time sucker available now – Twitter.

A complete recap of the rules and the Twitter message to tweet following after the gap.

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ChiffaN’s Rants – The secret of success in the App Store!


There’s no doubt, the App Store is a revolutionary software distribution method. Companies that laughed at its 2008 launch are now trying desperately to replicate the same model. But, with more than 100 000 apps in the store now and forecasted to exceed 300 000 by the end of 2010, it’s almost impossible to find the specific app you’re looking for. And it’s even more difficult to find a decent one!

There is no denying that the success stories are attracting more and more developers to the iDevice platform. The distribution model with Apple providing the centralized store for a mere $100 yearly developer license fee and a 30% cut of the sales is ideal for indie developers who have been waiting for the big bucks. Unfortunately it appears the App Store often favors “silly” apps and has often been chided for its inconsistent approval methods. Meanwhile the big boys (like Gameloft or Chillingo) don’t seem to have any problems rolling out big titles and making money. What’s the secret? Read on and find out!

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ChiffaN’s Rants – Advertisments in paid apps – a new trend in combating piracy or an outrageous money-hogging scam?

chiffans-rants-ads-in-paid-games, the developer of the new game iTankster, have shocked the iDevice community by being the first company to place advertisements inside a paid app (which you can see above). argue that it is due to “our discovery of rampant piracy during the development process”. But is in-game advertising really a way out?

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