C******e Allstars’ struggle with C*****ship in C*n*d*


W*F? Apple have just g***** **f yet again. This time, the word, ‘Cornhole’ — the i******t American slang for the b**n bag t**s — has been y****d from the Canadian App Store. With still-d*** *****s from the memorable f**** ***e where ‘i*********e’ was t****d from the online app o**y, Apple continue to s** *** **** ***s of enraged censorship. This time, consumers and devs alike are f****d to s***** ***** ***s to another round of v*******s p******g by Apple’s asterisks.

Dev. Games for the Common Good (JUFTi), creator of Cornhole All-Stars (TMA review), is stymied, and on good moral footing, has created a Facebook Group in opposition to Apple’s ban-hammer: Stop App Store Censorship. While this blogger cannot suss out what got under Apple’s bonnet, it is likely sexual innuendo – or at least, their understanding of it. Despite this, Apple continue to support racist, sexist, and feral fetishes to users without constraint – even if the apps support abuse. Meanwhile, JUFIi’s app has been censored.

** In order to keep this blog safe, I have removed all remotely offensive material from the first paragraph. Anything that merely hints at sexuality, sex, or the violence of such, has been removed. If you are confused, check out the normal version after the gap **

Games for the Common Good, Cornhole All-Stars, 0.99$, 29.9 MB
Cornhole All-Stars

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