Cannon Defense in Review – Paper cutouts have never been this aggressive

Back in my childhood, when all I had to entertain myself were toys and boatloads of imagination I used to love drawing up armies of creatures and playing out full-scale castle defence battles. Matchsticks would become arrows and marbles – cannon balls. With this awesome firepower I would defend my castle from the onslaught of aliens, ghosts, robots and demons. Apparently I wasn’t the only one stuck gifted with the glorious imagination. Introducing – Cannon Defence

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Monster Mayhem in Review – Addictive mindless zombie massacre!

With all of the stuff going around, sometimes the only thing you really need is some mindless fun for your gray matter. While the App Store is ready and willing to help with a significant chunk of the 200,000 apps, it isn’t hard to see that 90% of the casual games at the store are a complete waste of your time and money.  And in these trying times, the only thing we have left to rely on is the publisher name…thankfully, Chillingo strikes again with its latest release – Monster Mayhem.

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Battle of Puppets in Review- Pinocchio, There’s A New Puppet In Town

There are plenty of castle defense games out there, so what would make you choose one over another? Ease of control, amount of features, and replayability are certainly all contributing factors to such a decision – and I’m sure you have your own as well. You might find those factors in Battle of Puppets, but what attracts me most to this game is theme and style. I can guarantee that you’ve not seen anything quite like this before in the realm of castle defense games, and while I’m not a big fan of the genre, Battle Of Puppets makes me want to explore it just a little bit more. Feel free to discuss this review of Battle of Puppets in our forums.

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Bowman Defense = Patapon meets castle defense

bowman-defense-preview1Triniti Interactive, with the solid Ancient War already under their belt, have released yet another castle defense type game, this time in the form of Bowman Defense. Clearly inspired by the legendary Patapon on the PSP (arguably one of the best games ever for Sony’s mobile device), Bowman Defense features Patapon look-a-like warriors (aka bowmen) who have been charged with defending their castle.

Imaging a sky full of flying arrows! Experience the craziest bowman game ever!

Bowman Defense is a creative castle defense game. Defend your castle with a group of bowmen. Slide your finger to drag the bow, aim and shoot everything moving towards the castle gate.

Defend you castle long enough to gain fund for upgrading to new weapons, power-ups and technologies.

If castle defense is your cup of tea and Triniti Interactive’s Patapon-like game design evokes warm fuzzy feelings from your PSP years, Bowman Defense may just be what the doc ordered. A lite version (less skills, enemies, weapons etc) is also available at the App Store for those who prefer to try before they buy. To see the game in action, check out the trailer after the break.

Triniti Interactive, Bowman Defense, $0.99, 6.7 MB
Bowman Defense

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The Wars in Review – Battle through the ages


The Wars is a game from that employs strategy, action, and an upgrade system that sets it apart from similar games such as Tap Defense. You play the mighty general through the ages, sitting comfy on your (at first) stone chair, commanding your legions to attack your enemy’s fort, and defending your own.

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Archmage Defense in Review – Skull Shattering Fun!


Now that the App Store is running amuck more than ever with defence titles ranging from TD to space and now to Castle Defence games, hearty finger fighters should have many reasons to stay happily violent. Archmage Defense is a stunning game that shows how well the better part of a dollar can be well spent.

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Knights Onrush in Review – Rush On Out and Grab It


Knights Onrush is a deceptive game. Its deceptively simple – defend your castle from waves of enemies trying to storm your gate. So in some ways, it’s your typical tower defense game. But at the same time, you are far more involved in the immediate defense of your castle in Knights Onrush than in similar games. It’s not just relegated to your placing defenses and letting them do their work – you have to actively deploy those defenses yourself. And that’s only one of the differences this game presents.

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Knights Onrush Charges into App Store

knightsonrush_preview1Another release, another potential hit on their hands. Chillingo, one of the most successful publishers at the App Store thus far, has just released Knights Onrush, a great looking ‘defend yer castle’ type game for the iDevice. Developed by MoreGames, who also brought you such hits as iDracula and Orions: Legend of Wizards, Knights Onrush looks to take on all current Castle Defense (CD) titles with its fun gameplay and vibrant visuals. Stickwars, the reigning CD champ at the iTunes box office with a great run at the Top 10, will certainly get a run for its money by the visually superior Knights. Jim will be pumping out our review of the game shortly, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, check out some gameplay vids and features after the break.

Knights Onrush [$4.99] Knights Onrush

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