Zen Wars in Review – Nothing Zen about these wars!

One of the more popular genres on the iDevices is Castle Defence. Available in a number of varieties, it always features a side-view of the action. But creative people are here to start traditions of their own, right? Well as least subzero.eu are. In their recent take on the genre with Zen Wars, they decided to freshen things up and offer a bird’s eye view of the events instead.

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The Wars in Review – Battle through the ages


The Wars is a game from clickgamer.com that employs strategy, action, and an upgrade system that sets it apart from similar games such as Tap Defense. You play the mighty general through the ages, sitting comfy on your (at first) stone chair, commanding your legions to attack your enemy’s fort, and defending your own.

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Archmage Defense in Review – Skull Shattering Fun!


Now that the App Store is running amuck more than ever with defence titles ranging from TD to space and now to Castle Defence games, hearty finger fighters should have many reasons to stay happily violent. Archmage Defense is a stunning game that shows how well the better part of a dollar can be well spent.

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