Cards app updated with Mother’s Day themed cards

Apple has updated its Cards app to v1.1 and added card designs for Mother’s Day, which lands on the second Sunday of May in the US and Canada (among other countries). Here’s the list of what’s new:

• Beautiful letterpress cards for Mother’s Day
• New Get Well card designs
• Additional cards for birthdays, thank you and more
• Improves accuracy of envelope address verification
• Simplifies and improves the checkout process

First released back in October of 2011, Cards lets you design and mail real greeting cards to your family and friends for a small cost – $2.99 (including postage) within the US and $4.99 for rest of the world. The one downside to the Cards app is that it currently isn’t optimized for the iPad. But other than that, it’s free to download and a great tool to use if you plan on sending some custom made cards to your loved ones.

Cards Apple, Cards, – Free

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Magic Card 2.0.1 – Clever iPhone Illusion used by Pro Magicians On Sale

Everett, Washington – Most iPhone magic apps use unsatisfying virtual playing cards, but Renditions Design’s “Magic Card” uses a real deck of cards and the iPhone’s camera to create the convincing illusion that Apple’s amazing device came with the power to see through cards. Although popular with professional magicians, the clever secret is actually easy enough for anyone to do on their first try. This week Magic Card was completely re-written to incorporate the latest iPhone OS improvements, and the price was lowered to $2.99 for a short time.

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World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em in Review – Portable Poker For Persistent Players!


Poker has been growing in popularity again over the last couple years. With multiple shows, console games, and all sorts of swag and merch available, it’s not surprising to see a large selection of poker games at the app store. Recently, I was dealt the World Poker Tour’s (WPT) official app and this review will show you how it played out!

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Texas Wuggle in Review – Poker’s lighter side

iDevice poker apps are a great idea; while you can lose whuffie against your iDevice, or around the world on leaderboards, you don’t have to worry about losing your dosh. Texas Wuggle is an interesting combination of poker and wuggling, and if you couldn’t tell already, is a die-hard casual gambler. This time however, you will arrange cards in order to either become a millionaire, or sit atop the poker circuit in a time-trial stint. Is it fun? Yes it is…

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Hover Poker – the bets are in for multiplayer gambling


Yeah, I bet you do! Like gambling that is. Well, Hover Poker, a Texas Hold ‘Em game, may take the blinders from the eyes of computer-poker naysayers with features like anti-cheat, no-limit holdem, an Old-West soundtrack (yes, you read that right), and auto-save. It is being developed by Jormy Games and published by Clickgamer.

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