SoundMan iPad car audio – safety tapped

Safety be damned, this SoundMan iPad-powered car audio system is pretty damn cool. It Onkyo’s ND-S1 digital transport for bit-perfect decoding, 5,1 sound, and pertinently, a McIntosh amp. Right, a touch-screen car audio system is about as safe as smoking a grenade, but currently, it is cutting edge and cutely demonstrates a use for the iPad’s great audio circuit. And if you hate cars? why not check out the Bluetooth/Kleer Wireless Cy-Fi Wireless bicycle/sport speaker? That, friends is two-wheel audio/exercise bliss!

’69 GTO/iDevice remote control combo stymies the ‘Spirit of Berlin’

As technology progresses, so too does the badass stuff you can do with it. Back in October, the ‘Spirit of Berlin’, an iDevice-controlled minivan stole the imaginations of stale/iDevice car-lovers everywhere. But, a 1969 GTO is ever so much cooler, and in some ways, so too is Dave Phipps, the chap who re-wired his 400$ hotrod. The GTO project uses tech called RedEye from ThinkFlood to control the car’s ignition, radio, doors, and more: a perfect melding of classic and new age tech.

Follow the gap for vid, piccies and more:

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Big iPod Accessory: Nissan Dualis


Usually, I salivate for pocketable iPhone accessories, or add-ons which keep the iPhone safe in the pocket. The Nissan Dualis, however, is a bit bigger. Rather, I think there ain’t a safe way to stow it in my room and certainly ain’t totable atop my Marinoni (I cannot drive in Korea). But it has an iPod dock (so, I’m thinking about it), possible line-in for analogue connection to anything audio, a fancy-nancy HDD based navigation system, and that is about it. Anyway, add it to the list of iPod dockable vehicles and don’t forget your safety belt.

[via Yomiuri Newspaper (Japanese)]

Daewoo to create the iPod of mini cars


Ho hum. The very same Daewoo whose failing buses noisily tractor down motorways all across South Korea, will be releasing the Spark, or Matiz Creative as it will be known in South Korea. The small car will house a 1,0 litre engine, and  like the ubiquitous DAP, will hypothetically change transportation forever, demanding imitations and lawsuits from every major manufacturer around the world because of its “stylish and expressive” design. It had better. As GM Daewoo’s VP Mark Labelle put it, the Spark “like the iPod, will become a cultural icon” (Korea Herald).

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